Peacock Reference

Submitted by Shawn on 5/13/02. ( )

Can anybody tell me where to get some good peacock reference pictures, mainly fully fanned. I would appreciate any help you can supply me.

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Try these

This response submitted by Russell on 5/13/02. ( )


Try and click on the meet the breeds section. Scroll down to the Peafowl section and click it. Tons of pictures of all kinds of wildfowl there. Also, has some excellent reference photos. Click the peafowl & pheasants section. Both sites offer links with thousands of pictures avaiilable. Good luck!


Hey Swantz!

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Look in the mirror!That should be all you need,if this does not work turn around and bend over then look into the mirror just don't hurt yourself buddy!..............LOL.Its been awhile good friend glad to see your back on here!

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