School Suggestions for Bird Taxidermy

Submitted by Trevor Manteufel on 5/14/02. ( )

I have been specializing in bird taxidermy for about 4 years now. I have a pretty good business going right now and I have had a lot of good comments on my work, but I would like to become the best that I can be at doing bird taxidermy. Just wondering if anyone has some suggestions on a good bird school that I could learn to do competition quality work at. Thanks, Trevor

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Thats, a Fluffy,

This response submitted by Randal R. Waites on 5/14/02. ( )

I meant, Thats a Tuffy, one that comes to mind, just posted, about thirty post below you, here it is:
Bird Taxidermy, Intensive Study Program
Submitted by David Luke on 5/12/02. ( )
Study bird taxidermy this summer, 2 1/2 to 5 day intensive study programs, one-on-one programs in my studio, designed to bump your production from two to four birds a day, and improve business finance, call David Luke, 985-626-1930 for summer course details.

As for others, it would not be fair to try and list names, some of the best might get left out. If you get Breakthrough, and or, Taxidermy Today, you can look in the back and find advertisements offering services for what you are asking about. You can also check you State Association, I know we have several in the state of MI. but they might not advertise.

But you made the right choice asking here on the forums, I am sure you will get some good replies back to you needs. Good Luck, rw

Troy Rose in Boise Idaho.

This response submitted by John C on 5/14/02. ( )

I feel Troy is one of the best and well worth your money. You will learn to do quality birds, I do mean quality. Not how many you can crank out in a given time. Artistic Animal Taxidermy is the name of his shop I believe.


This response submitted by tim on 5/15/02. ( )

what are some of the names in MI. that dont advertise ?

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