Waterfowl for Trade

Submitted by Trevor Manteufel on 5/14/02. ( goltndr35@hotmail.com )

I live in South Dakota and have several different species of ducks and geese from the central flyway I would be willing to trade for some sea ducks such as oldsquaw, eiders, scoters and harlequins. All the birds that I have are mounting quality. Just wondering if any one is interested? Tahnks.

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This response submitted by possumking on 5/14/02. ( )

LOL. If I only had a dollar!

I'll Tell Him

This response submitted by Old Fart on 5/14/02. ( )

Trevor, It is ILLEGAL to even offer to trade waterfowl. They cannot be bought, sold or bartered. Bartered means traded. You have already broken the law by making the offer. This has been covered here a number of times.

Trevor Manisafool. I have to wonder how many times

This response submitted by John C on 5/14/02. ( )

Federal agents have tried to do this over the net.

TREVOR ARE YOU A FEDERAL GAME WARDEN or connected to any wildlife enforment agency in any way.

As a agent you know its is illegal to refuse to answer this correctly.

red flag

This response submitted by Doug M on 5/14/02. ( )

In your previous post you claim you've been running a bird taxidermy business for four years. If that's true I have a hard time believing you didn't know this is illegal.


This response submitted by andy on 5/14/02. ( andypark@earthlink.net )


Please site an instance where a federal agent has posted a clearly illegal activity hoping someone will bite and I will show you a valid argument for entrapment. A govt. law enforcement official will never post this. They will respond to posts like this.

And where does it say that it is illegal for an agent not to identify himself? Don't you watch cops? It goes something like this..

Hooker(undercover police officer): Hey baby what's up?
John: Just looking for a little action. You're not a cop are you?
Hooker (undercover police officer): No! are you?

Sure she eventually tells him she is a cop. After he is cuffed.

Sorry Guys

This response submitted by Trevor Manteufel on 5/15/02. ( )

I knew it was illegal to sell migratory birds but I honestly didn't know that it illegal to trade them. Sorry for wasting your time. Trevor.

Andy are you ever going to pay for those Bald Eagles

This response submitted by John C on 5/15/02. ( )

Tim is really mad at you, he sent you those three Mature Bald Eagles, you promised him one thousand dollars each for mature ones.

Plus all those ducks he shot for you using lead shot, after him fatefully baiting that field for over two weeks. You know the one one Cash River Wildlife Refuge, yea that one he showed you last summer.

If you dont pay for those birds he is really going to be mad espcecially after driving from Arkansas all the way to your house, how many state lines was it he crossed.

Andy you must be english with such a dry sense of humor, how do you spell sarcastic? Andy cannot read between the lines.

John what are you talking about

This response submitted by andy park on 5/16/02. ( andypark@earthlink.net )


What are you smoking? You are now trying to say that your comments from your original posts were sarcasm? You are out there man!


This response submitted by Jason on 5/16/02. ( jbranch_04@yahoo.com )

It must suck to be so paranoid. I've called you out on the Fed issue before. Lately, that is the only time that you contribute to this site. How many guns do you have burried? (LOL) Either you are very paranoid or you have some really illegal stuff to hide.

Good Luck

Try to joke with you you people.

This response submitted by John C on 5/18/02. ( )

Burried or buried guns I dont think so, hell boy they would rust kinda like your brain has. But I can tell you someting about a sting that was ran in the Chicago area many years ago.

As for things to hide nothing bubbets nothing.

Want to buy a tiger now. oh its alive by the way.

Must really suck for you guys to just be you and lack of a sense of humor. Bet you would sit there and frown at a Patch adams rerun, saying that "S*&^ ain't funny." Smile a while you may live longer, relax dont be so up tight.

Sorry guys you are the last word in uptite. Loosen up some wantta play Cowboys and Indians, bang bang your dead I quit.

Oh I have never smoked not even once, but your crack habit has dried your sense of humor up, and shriveled your brains. Is it causing the Mylan to dissentigrate from your brain cells or is it just the aorta enlarging to the size of your prostate glands. Since I deal with things much bigger than you daily I tremble in my shoes awaiting your response.

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