Where can I find a sand hill crane? Does anyone raise them?

Submitted by gene on 5/16/02. ( ggalitz@rmisp.com )

Does anyone know if bird farms raise sand hill cranes? Or if any can raise and sell them? I would like to buy one from a game farm if this is possible.

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it is possible

This response submitted by Nancy M. on 5/16/02. ( )

I have lost touch with the crane breeders that I used to know, but sandhills are not too uncommon in captivity. I suggest that you subscribe to the Gamebird Breeders Gazette and check out the classified ads.

sand hill cranes

This response submitted by kim on 02/06/2003. ( nvrlrn@aol.com )

I have had these huge birds in the pond in my back yard for weeks. First there were 3 now there are 6.A friend came over and told me they were sand hill cranes.That is how i found this site.

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