flight feathers on standing duck

Submitted by j hermanns on 5/17/02. ( )

I have great problems getting the flight feathers to cross on the duck's back with a natural, relaxed look. They always seem to want to stick up! If I lay them down, then the joint between humerus and ulna(?) goes wacky and pops away from the body. Also having trouble getting the side pockets to cover the wings correctly. Help!

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Wing placement

This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 5/17/02. ( finazducks@aol.com )

One thing that always helps wings lie where they are supposed to is where you anchor the wings. Most forms don't have deep enough joints for the humerus to set in. So, we cut the ball off. The problem is this. When you cut the ball off, you lose a valuable reference point. It becomes difficult to get both wings the same. And when you do get them the same, they may be too far forward or too far back. I prefer to leave the ball on the humerus and dig out the joint on the body. Look at the carcass. It will tell you where that joint is. Than make sure you place the humerus in the same place. Also make sure there is no interference from other parts of the body.
As for side pockets; Body size is one problem and getting skin trapped is another. When we pin the wings down we trap the skin under it. The pins go through the wing, through the skin on the birds' side and than the body. Once we pin the wings the side pockets cannot be taxied. Than we struggle to try and groom the side pockets.
Call me or e-mail if I didn't explain it well

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