Pelican Head

Submitted by Tork on 5/18/02. ( )

I have a pelican that flew into a power line. I have the permits, permission from the local game warden and am planning on donating the bird to South Dakota State University. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to make an artificial bill for it or if any companies out there make such a thing. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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State rules are superseeded by Federal regs.

This response submitted by John C on 5/18/02. ( )

Have the school apply for a salvage permit to the USFW. I wold mold the head with plaster and make a new one from bondo, seal the plaster well with shellec and wax it, buff off the waxm, then cast.

I'll do it

This response submitted by Tony Finazzo on 5/18/02. ( )

If you have the permits I will cast it for you free. Call me 909-886-8640 or e-mail and we can discuss it.
Tony Finazzo

Listen to Tony

This response submitted by cur on 5/19/02. ( )

The pelican's bill is not a simple casting procedure like that used for waterfowl. The "pouch" requires additional attention to fix and prepare for molding. The longer you wait, the more dehydrated the covering membranes become which will lead to a less than desireable finished product. I would assume that the bird in question is a white pelican which would make the pouch a bit less of a problem than than of a brown. I shold imagine that the intricate folds of the lower mandibular membranes would be a detriment to plaster casting, sine they would produce undercuts which would cause for the subsequent casting to be difficult to remove without breaking the mold.

Tony's castings are first class and I am sure his efforts would be well worth the wait.

Needing White Pelican Mount

This response submitted by Dan Reynolds on 12/02/2002. ( )

I am starting a business in which I need a White Pelican Mount for the Marketing side of things(Mascot). Where can I find such a thing? I am willing to pay good money if the speciman is in good shape.

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