need help on colors?

Submitted by Kyle Baker on 5/20/02. ( )

I mounted a widgeon drake last week and its now ready to paint. I looked through all my referrence photos and cannot find one that shows the legs and feet well enough to paint by. I did not take any pictures of the feet when the bird was fresh and now the original color is long gone. Can someone clue me in on the correct colors. I would buy some referrence photos, but i am out of time. Thanks in advance.

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Without getting too fancy

This response submitted by cur on 5/20/02. ( )

The basic color is Payne's gray lightened with white, or colbalt blue, black and white to make a pale blue/gray. The stain should be payne's gray with a touch of burnt umber. That should get you through a commercial finish for a widgeon.

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