Painting problems

Submitted by Russell on 5/21/02. ( )

I painted (tried) my first pheasant the other day. The legs turned out blue. I used payne's grey over flesh. what happened. Also had trouble with the beak. It is bright yellow-orange. I painted it white (superhide), blending brown and then yellow ochre. I raise pheasants and they don't have blue legs. Please help me.

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Got reference?

This response submitted by cur on 5/21/02. ( )

If you have live pheasants there, here's a trick.....paint the feet and beak like them. The colors you describe have absolutely no association with the colors you used, at least in my experience. I can only tell you that you need a primer in paint, color and the mixing and matching of same. There are times when you have to take the bull by the, the pheasant by the feet and get down to this art thang close up and personal.


This response submitted by chris in hawaii on 5/21/02. ( )

every pheasant is different, rather its the beak color the leg color or the color on the bird. i have hunted pheasants for over 20 years and found a wide range of colors and have been doing bird taxidermy for about 8 years, i also raise and release pheasants on private land. if your doing a commercial mount you really dont need to paint the beak and legs. i found that some of the beaks dries darker than others so i paint them with an off-white followed with pheasant beak, for the legs i just inject them with preserv-it then i paint a clear over. hope this helps you.

Paint problems

This response submitted by Roy Kelley on 5/22/02. ( )

It sounds to me like you are putting on too heavy coats of paint. It also sounds like you may be using the same paint schedule I use. After you seal the beak and feet, apply your base coat a little heavy. The paint that goes over this is put on in very lite coats. Learing how to get the color you want by adding layers is the hard part of using the airbrush. If you will just add each of your coats untill the color comes nearer the color you want you will get the hang of it. Paynes gray is more blue than gray and orange and yellows must be used very carefully or you will get to much.

I hope this helps you.


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