Ptarmigans feathers

Submitted by Steven on 5/22/02. ( )

I mounted a ptarmigan yeasterday and the feathers have a split look to them on the back, all the other feathers look awsome.
I wash in dawn, use a light paint brush with the flow of the feathers, soak them in 3% peroxide for about 30 minutes and rinse about 10 times in nice warm water and the last time in warmer water. And for last I tumble in corn cob grit for about 5 min, then blow dry.

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Steven, are you cooking or mounting?

This response submitted by George on 5/22/02. ( )

What's the 3% peroxide supposed to be for? And I don't understand the paintbrush bit. Three percent peroxide isn't a bleach, rather a cleanser that is just about pure distilled water. In fact, if the bottle has been opened, it probably IS water now (H2O2 becomes H2O very quickly at 3%). Wash the bird in one of the specially made taxidermy SOAPS (Epo-Grip Blood 0ut/Degreaser, Eliminator, or Rittels)and your bird will BE white. Tumble in corncob grit till feathers are fluffed, mount, blowdry. I think if you use that method, your tourbles will disappear.

Just maybe....

This response submitted by Nancy M. on 5/22/02. ( )

Were there bloodstains on the back feathers before you did your peroxide treatment? If so, I suspect that the blood is still there and matting the feathers - just bleached so that the color is gone. (I only recommend peroxide AFTER the stain has been scrubbed with soap and a soft brush to remove the protein parts of the blood.)
Another possibility, if the bird was taken in the fall and was about to shed those feathers, is that the feathers are nearly worn out. When they get like that, they can be a real pain to groom. Gentle stroking with a BARELY damp cloth might help some.

Nancy M.

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