Black grouse wattles ?

Submitted by Rob. UK on 5/23/02. ( )

I have just mounted a black cock for a customer and was courious if there are any supplycompanys that sell artificial wattles. Thanks in advance. rob.

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None that I know of

This response submitted by Nancy M. on 5/23/02. ( )

You can slice them off of the head and rebuild them with sculp-all or etc. and then cover them with terry cloth mache' (Terry cloth soaked in white glue can be shaped and formed into all sorts of shapes as it hardens.) Cut out an oversized "lid" of terry cloth to fit over the raised mound of the eyecomb and scrunch it together with a large pin or adjusting needle to get the filaments closer together. It is nice if you can find some terrycloth that is already the right color, but it is easy to paint if you can't. It is harder to explain than it is to do. You can buy a washcloth for very little and then experiment with it. I use a similar method for all commercial grouse eyecombs.

Nancy M.

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