Wanted: Stuffed Swans

Submitted by Bonnie on 5/24/02. ( pickwicksli@aol.com )

I am currently working on a wedding for a rather eccentirc woman. She desperately wants two or three stuffed swans swimming in the pool during the reception. I have no idea where to fins such items. If anyone can help me I would be extremely greatlful! Thank You!

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This response submitted by Nancy M. on 5/25/02. ( )

Mounted birds cannot be put into contact with water or they will be ruined. 'Not a good idea for mounts worth well over $1000.00 each!
You might possibly be able to locate swan decoys since they are legally hunted in several states.


This response submitted by Stefan on 5/29/02. ( stefan@AvianDesign.com )

I've never hunted Swan Decoys but they sound like something I might be able to hit.

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