Injecting Turkey Feet

Submitted by Russell on 5/24/02. ( )

I would like to hear some alternatives to formaldehyde for injecting turkey feet? Anybody tried preservit or masters blend?
How well did they work? Thanks

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alternative for turkey feet

This response submitted by albert wood on 5/24/02. ( )

I use preserve-it and glycerine mixed 50/50 for all my bird feet.It works good.You may need to inject them 2-3 times to make sure they plump up nicely.


This response submitted by superpig on 5/25/02. ( )

Inject it straight out of the bottle. Works great.


This response submitted by pp on 5/25/02. ( )

i use phenol liquid good for feet bills and with fish tan

several work

This response submitted by Brian P. on 5/30/02. ( )

Masters Blend works if you are fast, but the best is injection grade fantastic cast. I cut it with about 50% acetone to slow down the hardening process and I usually get about 5-15 minutes depending on how much I mix.

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