Eagle cam update

Submitted by Nancy M. on 5/2/02. ( )

Good news and bad news. First the good news: the eggs have hatched.
The bad news: the eagles are being very hard on their video cameras. One is completely out of commision and the other one has something on the lense so resolution is not what it should be in certain areas.
It's still pretty neat, though.
The address to the website is in the archives.

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Eagle Cam

This response submitted by Kris Dunckel on 5/2/02. ( )

That darn eagle never does anything except sit on the nest and turn head.

She is up and moving...

This response submitted by Hoop on 5/2/02. ( )

I noticed the two small faces sticking up. A bit blurry, but nice to see. Thanks for the tip on the site Nancy! Got the whole family checking in on the eagles!

could you please post the address

This response submitted by joe on 5/3/02. ( powermosquito@hotmail.com )


Eagle Cam Address

This response submitted by Ken Edwards on 5/3/02. ( ken@taxidermy.net )


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