Shipping birds into this country

Submitted by Duane on 5/3/02. ( )

I know about all the government paperwork and what needs to be done when they get here.What I need to know is what is the best way to get the birds here from say mexico or south america without spoiling.Any info will be appreciated.

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Try dry Ice

This response submitted by Jason on 5/4/02. ( )

I have never shipped any thing from there but I bet dry Ice will work

Dry Ice cannot be shipped by AIR

This response submitted by John C on 5/4/02. ( )

Dry ice is a compressed gas, there for cannot be shipped about any air plane. This is a long old law that has not changed.

Skin , measurements, salt & dry

This response submitted by Len on 5/4/02. ( )

Hi Duane, I would just skin, take measurements, flesh out, salt and dry.You can then ship them back anyway you want. You can rehydrate the bird when it is back here and mount. I do not know the regulations that may be involved in shipping them back into the country, so you would have to check on that. Hope this helps.

ice chest

This response submitted by Brian Preston on 5/5/02. ( )

I do a fair amount of birds from Mexico, Argentena, etc..and the most common method to get them to me is frozen in an ice chest, taped shut and sent in the cargo hold of the plane. You can pick it up from customs after it is logged out by a licensed import taxidermist, and has cleared the customs officials.


This response submitted by Duane on 5/9/02. ( )

Thank-you to all replies.It has helped my problem.

Bird skins

This response submitted by Lloyd on 5/15/02. ( )

I would think that you must skin them out just like you would do if you were going to mount them up.Rub borax all over really well the bird skin will dry out and will have to be relaxed later after shipment is recived...Lloyd

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