Mineral Spirits or Gas?

Submitted by BDrake on 5/27/02. ( drake.101@osu.edu )

I`ve been using mineral spirits for some time now on birds, but evertime I read an article the Author says to use White gas or coleman fuel, is there a problem with mineral spirits?

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This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 5/27/02. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

That's really what's wrong with it. We should try and get away from these products that have flash points. If a person wishes to use these products please do them outside away from any heat source.
As to answer, both do the same each person that uses it likes what they use and what it does. It just disperses water from the feathers.

prefer gas

This response submitted by possumking on 5/27/02. ( dakotalee1998@yahoo.com )

I have always used white gas. I recently tried mineral spirits, and I even bought the oderless kind, and I could not get over the smell. The gas smell disperses much quicker than the spirits. It was even so bad with the spirits I went back and washed the bird again to get the smell out. But as it has been pointed out you should use them outside. I will stick to my white gas and keep the mineral spirits at the store.

Hey Poss, What are tou, a fireeater?

This response submitted by ratskinner on 5/27/02. ( )

All it takes to turn a gassed bird skin into a ball of flame is a speck of sawdust or foam that is sucked into your hairdryer. They are hard to see with the lights on but very evident in the dark. I'm amazed we don't have more stories about taxidermists turning into human barbeques.

MIneral spirts vs gas

This response submitted by Steve on 5/27/02. ( Ssmith463@aol.com )

Everyone is right about the gas. It is very dangerous. All you need to use it is a little common sense. Place the gas outside and far away from any possible danger. I like to use gas. It has a evaporation time twice as fast as minerals spirts. I can have a birds tumbled and blown in 10 minutes. As for mineral spirts it takes me closer to 20 minutes.

LOL Steve

This response submitted by George on 5/27/02. ( georoof@aol.com )

You're right, of course, but all I could think of was that " a little common sense" convinced me to quit using gas years ago. I use shop air to displace most of the water and depend on the corncob grit to get the rest before blow drying. I DO use a little more grit, but at $5 a can for Coleman fuel or $1.50 a gallon at the pump, I figure I'm pretty close to the same ballpark.


This response submitted by BDrake on 5/28/02. ( )

They both displace water, but I thought the main reason for it`s use was degreasing the skin.
That I `am having trouble with is the tail feathers and secondary wing feathers on my turkeys end up looking frayed about half the time and I `am not sure why?

Wash em good

This response submitted by cyclone on 5/29/02. ( )

With dish soap and water to degrease. Blot dry tumble and/or blow dry without the gas.
Yes it takes longer, but worth every second of not working with those flamables.
For those of you that do use the flamables I sincerely hope that you all use gloves...

No Gas

This response submitted by Lloyd on 5/29/02. ( )

I also quit using gas years ago it is not needed with birds.Just rub borax in really good and that ought to do it?..Lloyd

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