Widgeon Woes

Submitted by possumking on 5/27/02. ( dakotalee1998@yahoo.com )

I just finished mounting a widgeon and I had a new problem with it. I use artificial heads on my birds but on this one the skin wouldn't fit around the back of the artificial head. I am not sure if this is a usual situation with a widgeon or the head I bought was too big. I buy my heads from Research Manakins and have never had this problem. Any information would be appreciated, I still have three more to mount.

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'Had the same problem

This response submitted by Nancy M. on 5/27/02. ( )

I also bought a wigeon head from Research and it was so big that I had to split the skin to get it in. I was mounting an old skin prepared by someone else, so I didn't have the original to measure or cast. The skin was so tight that I never could get the feathers to puff up the way I like.
... Just one of many reasons why I do NOT like using artificial heads ...

Nancy M.


This response submitted by brice on 5/28/02. ( michelew@netwitz.net )

i have the same problem from time to time. i use ferebee heads. but ive tried other brands as well and some species just tend to have smaller openings to deal with than others. the most consistent birds are GW Teal, Wigeon, and Gadwall. its not unusual to grind down the head or split the skin along one side of the lower v-notch when im mounting one of those three.

you can drastically reduce your complications by test fitting your heads before attatching them.

good luck

put the head in fast

This response submitted by Brian on 5/30/02. ( )

The above mentioned birds will always give you trouble with artificail heads, but if you attach the head first before sewing and wiring, you will have less of a problem. The skin will still be moist and will have less tendency to split. I also wait on the eyes and clay until after pulling the skin over the head. Give it a try.

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