Turkey head injecting?

Submitted by Dave on 5/4/02. ( schaffer4@lrbcg.com )

Just wondering. Had 2 different people tell me something about injecting a turkey head to preserve it. Is this something new or is it a process used in freeze drying or what? I've never seen anyhting mentioned about injecting a head on this forum and was just wondering if these people were confused with something else. One person said he seen it on an outdoor show and the other said that he talked to someone who had his turkey mounted in this manner. Just wondering if I'm missing out on something and if so could someone explain the process, as I have a turkey to do and the customer wants to use the real head and I was thinking of using this so called injection method instead of freeze drying if there is such a process.

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Don't beleive everything you here.

This response submitted by John C on 5/4/02. ( )

I am sure your buddy saw the same outdoor show I did, I even e-mailed the Producer because of in accurate and possibly fowl information dissenination.

Yes turkey heads are injected, but only after being properly skinned and mounted on a form FOR FREEZE DRYING!

The freeze dried head should only wiegh a few ounces, form, a touch of clay and the eyes.

Most recently I have had two heads shipped to me to look at that were done by a person that uses this site. The heads must have had a pound of silicone pumped into them.

I do urge you to use well known, high quality suppliers only.

I inject

This response submitted by Grouseman on 5/4/02. ( jabratt@citlink.net )

I inject my turkey heads (after I mount them on a neck form) with a glue and water mixture before I freeze dry them. In does take a little getting used to but practice makes perfect. I have two buddies that have freeze dryers so that helps me out a little bit.
There are some people out there that do inject heads without freeze drying but the heads look like crap! They shrink up like crazy. If you have a buddy that has a freeze dryer try the water glue mixture. Do a couple of test heads first to get the feel of things. Or you can just send them out to one of the many freeze drying places to have the head done. They can be time consuming to do rite.
Hope this helps you out.

my two bits

This response submitted by Frank E. Kotula on 5/5/02. ( basswtrout@aol.com )

I'm also a big fan on freeze dried heads but I do my own and freeze dry them in a frost free frezzer.
I skin all the heads out and use a form for them.
The chemicals used for this can be obtained from Flynn's Forms. He has the stuff ready made that you can buy. Becarefull casue it is hazardous so wear gloves and glasses.
The other method is make your own. I have had good results using Rittels preserv-it mixed with white glue.
If you don't like the mess of things just send them out.

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