rotary tool wire wheel

Submitted by matt on 5/5/02. ( )

i have just gotten into doing a little of my own duck taxidermy just kind of as a hobby during the offseason. have mounted a merganser and a bluebill so far and have used the scissor method of removing the fat and i dont feel like i have removed it all sufficiently. my question is have any of you ever rigged a small wire wheel on a rotary tool (dremel, etc.) and used it as a conventional wire wheel. seems like it would work beause you can adjust the rpms and they are not too torquey. i know it would most likely make a big mess by shooting fat al over the place but am willing to deal with it if my mounts will come out better. thanks in advance

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not a good idea...

This response submitted by b bishop on 5/6/02. ( )

Matt, I use a rotary tool for my detail work on my deer and mammal faces with a 1/2 " drum sander and have used the wire wheel you mentioned in steel and brass annd did'nt care for the wire. Have also used them to clean turkey feather roots but still was not that great. Make yourself a wire wheel or continue to do the scissor thing. I like using the scissors and follow it up with a scrapping with a spoon and am satisfied with it.

Try this

This response submitted by Grouseman on 5/6/02. ( )

Get yourself a variable speed drill and a wire wheel for the drill. it will still through fat all over the place but will do the job. You will have to anchor the drill in a stationary position so that it does not move. A vise would be good for this and a hose clamp to hold the trigger.
Hope this helps.


This response submitted by George on 5/6/02. ( )

Sit down and decide if you're truly serious about taxidermy. If you are, start saving for a real bird flesher or at the very least, find the parts to construct a REAL one. If you are just dabbling, stick with the scissors method, it was all we had for many many years and it works well. The "make do" ideas simply cause more pain and aggravation than they are worth. Open wire wheels will sling crud all over your shop and work area as well as burn/tear/rip holes in the bird that will have to be sewn and likely not look nearly as good if they hadn't occurred. They make enough mess inside of a hooded defatter and getting a bird wrapped around the spindle in THERE is ego shattering. Van Dykes markets one of the very best for $166. That's the complete unit with everything. For the price of a single duck,you can have a professional unit that will last a lifetime. Don't make it worse on yourself. Think ahead.


This response submitted by matt on 5/6/02. ( )

thanks for the input everyone. i am just really dabbling in taxidermy. i like to hunt and fish too much to pick up another serious time consuming hobby. i will probably keep on with the scissors and see how it goes unitil i maybe have 200 bucks to blow on a real mcoy wheel.

big mistake

This response submitted by walsch taxidermy on 08/06/2002. ( )

i tried a dremel when i first started out and it will grab the bird from your hand and twist it around and around till its a mess.use a bird flesher or scissors.

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