Chicken Math

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This dont relate to taxidermy but This guy should be a writer it is Hilarious here is the link it came from

A good buddy of mine had an urge to populate his 12 acres with a few game hens, against my sage advice. "You'll be up to your ears in chicks if you do," I warned, but my admonition fell upon deaf ears. Ignoring me completely, he went out and got himself 3 Roundhead hens and a castaway Kelso roo, and turned them loose to cavort merrily through the pastures and barns.
Several months later I stopped by and noticed quite a few new arrivals scampering about, and also that the original 3 hens were setting new nests. With great smugness I pointed out my prediction was fast becoming reality, but he shrugged me off, insisting coyotes and cats and stray dogs would thin the population. I smiled and shook my head, but kept my words of experience to myself.
Today I stopped by to see how he was getting on, and was not a bit surprised to see what had become of his place. There was not a bare patch left on the ground. Everywhere you stepped, a chicken squawked and ran out from under your foot. Half feathered pullets perched atop the long suffering dog's house, while just-beginning-to-lay hens perched atop the long suffering dog himself. Roving gangs of teenaged roos could be seen lurking in the shadows, just waiting for dear old dad to turn his back on the girls. And eggs, the eggs were everywhere, dropped willy nilly by young hens too inexperienced to find somewhere off the beaten path to lay them. As my friend came outside and promptly tripped over a hen who had chosen the base of the porch steps for her daily dust bath, I couldn't help but smile broadly. If ever he dared to question my inevitable rightness on a topic, all I would ever need to do is remind him about how 3 hens and a rooster didn't add up to 4 like he swore it would.
I gave up counting at 115.
wondering if she'll be invited over for fried chicken some day soon. ;)

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I'm glad I'm not the only one

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I see quite a few of Jade's posts on the heritage turkey and silkie forums. She can really tell a story. What a riot!

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