Best tumbling mix

Submitted by jack m on 5/28/02. ( )

I was wondering what the best tumbling mix is for birds, i have heard borax, fine corn cob, med corn cob, hard wood chips, fine hard wood powder flour and mixing corncob and hard wood together. Thanks for any input.


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Fine cob

This response submitted by Stefan Savides on 6/1/02. ( )

While I used to use sawdust, I do not recommend it as it sticks to the feathers and is hard to remove. Fine cob works well. The individual particles are smoother and heavier than sawdust and do not float around the room"s atmosphere when blow-drying. You can add a bit of borax to it if you like, but whatever you use, it is important not to over tumble. Feathers can become damaged if allowed to fully dry in a tumbler. It is also easier to remove cob from the feathers if the down is not fully dried as well. The length of time it takes to dry a bird varies due to how wet the skin is, how wet the cob is, weather or not you gassed the skin or not, how big the bird is, and so forth and so on.

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