Looking for ideas for turkey fan mount

Submitted by growler on 05/06/2003. ( )

I'm looking for ideas for a fan mount that would incorporate the tail, beard, spur's and the shotgun shell used to dipatch the gobbler. Pictures would be prefered. I have looked at the archives as well as Google search. Thanks!

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Mount Ideas

This response submitted by Brady on 05/06/2003. ( bergeyb@hotmail.com )

I have some fan mounts on my website- www.geocities.com/headsandtailstaxidermy/index5.html
All of these items can be purchased through Van Dykes or Walnut Creek Hardwood (www.walnutcreekhardwood.com)

Shotshell Idea - Cut the shell were the plastic/brass meet. Clean out the brass and polish up the outside. Drill a hole (1/4") through the top of the brass. Stick 8" of leather string through the brass.
Cut the leg bones (with hax saw) straight up from the spurs on both sides. Clean this up with borax and remove all meat and marrow. You should be able to easily stick the leather string (shoe lace) through the bone. Loop the string with both spurs on and tie to the shell casing. Attatch to the panel so that they hang above the beard. All my customers love it, because they can always add more spurs to it. Give it a try and let me know how it works.
Good Luck,

thank you

This response submitted by growler on 05/07/2003. ( )

Thanks Brady. I had found Walnut Creek but couldn't figure out how to enlarge the examples they showed. The pixs were small making it difficult to decide.
A friend told of a version simular to what you decribe. The leather loop was maybe six or so inches in diameter, the ends were inserted into the primer hole, knotted, loose ends trimmed and the knot pulled up into the brass of the shell. The remainding cavity was filled with something to flush with the end of the brass. The beard was attached to that so that the entire length of the beard showed. In effect the shot shell brass served as a ferrule for the beard. This hung at the six o'clock position of the loop with the spurs secured at the three and six o'clock positions, hooks out and up. I have not actually seen what I'm trying to decribe here but it sounds real close to what you're talking about.

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