Saw Dust

Submitted by Joey on 05/22/2003. ( )

Where can I purchase Swa Dust for tumbling.

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Try a handi works centre

This response submitted by wheelman on 05/22/2003. ( )

Ask someone that makes lawn furniture you will probably get all kinds of the stuff or try a gov't handi works centre...were they give some handi capped people work...I think they sell it...not give away?

Cabinet Shops

This response submitted by Jim on 05/22/2003. ( )

Go to your local cabinet shop. They will more than likely give you all you want for free....

Aged Fence Posts

This response submitted by Joey on 05/22/2003. ( )

Here's another one. Where can I get some aged fence posts for some Upland mounts?

we have 20/40 corn cob grit for tumbling!

This response submitted by Anthony Eddy on 05/22/2003. ( )

we have 20/40 corn cob grit at Anthony Eddy Wildlife studios!
a 40lb. bag is $16.50 you can order by calling 1-800-529-3470 or order through our online store at

You can also get corn cob grit locally

This response submitted by Rob Patton on 05/22/2003. ( )

You can get corn cob grit where sandblasting supplies are sold.

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