Chicken Feet

Submitted by Leo on 01/06/2004. ( )

I'm trying to make chicken feet jewlery. How do you dry them out? I read somewhere about salt curing. Is that just burying them in salt?
How do you do this and ruffley how long does it take to fully dry?

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Salting them, they will form moisture in damp humid weather

This response submitted by John C on 01/06/2004. ( )

You would be far better off injecting them with Masters Blend, 2 part epoxy from Research Mannikins. This will lock the oils and grease into the leg.

Chicken feet

This response submitted by George on 01/06/2004. ( )

Good luck. Chicken feet are extremely fatty and anything you use is likely to still leak oils. They use chicken feet in cooking, you know? If you want a chicken foot, best bet is to cast one. Game chickens, pheasants, bantams, etc. are one thing, but a broiler sized chicken is just plain bad news.

George beat me to it...

This response submitted by Raven on 01/06/2004. ( )

I was gonna say to just mold and cast them - if you are doing this as a craft item for sale - just the savings in time alone will greatly offset the cost of making the molds - plus you have a never ending, reliable supply of feet.

I'm interested in your jewelry

This response submitted by Brad Hunter on 01/06/2004. ( )

We have a gift shop of unusual items along with our taxidermy shop. Can you e-mail me with info on your jewelry? I am VERY interested.

Maybe a in a month or so....

This response submitted by Leo on 01/07/2004. ( )

Well, once I can figure out the chicken foot thing ;) I'll be more than happy to send you a list.
I should have an array of necklaces, chopsticks(hair), back scratchers and some other items.

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