preserving bird wings

Submitted by Nat on 6/5/05 at 10:51 PM. ( )

Hello, I was curious as in how to perserve bird wings. I was cruising through the search engine in my hopes of finding some helpful information but I didn't get very far. I am also curious if you have to cut the meat out of the wings in order to correctly perserve the wings or can you just... dry them or salt them?
Also, I realize the law on birds. I've read many of the lectures on these forums and I did listen in my biology classes. :)
Thank you for your help and I hope you have a nice day.

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get the meat out

This response submitted by lisa on 6/8/05 at 11:21 AM. ( )

you can invert the wing and get the meat off and away from the humerus and radias /ulna. (use an xato knife or surgical blade #22.)
then from the back of the wing, use your finger to feel for the softer meat up near the tips, slice that skin open, scrape what you can out, and rub in 20 mule team borax where you can't. wash in dawn dishwashing liquid, COLD water...and then blow dry ( I use small circular movments ) using the COLD air only. heat is the enemy. borax the entire thing when feathers are dry skin is moist. rub into the small wing parts again. rub it all over inside the skin, it stops the rotting process adn keeps bugs away. pin on a styrofoam back and you can use strips of paper and bobby pins to keep the primaries in line. let dry!
it will smell for a few days but shold not smell dead. good luck

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