Submitted by Becky on 11/2/05 at 9:04 PM. ( )

I would like to experiment with resin and bondo, but can anybody tell me where I can actually buy resin? Thank you!

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Any autobody store

This response submitted by George on 11/2/05 at 9:27 PM. ( )

NAPA, Auto Zone, any of them. Go to the body repair section and look for fiberglass resin.


This response submitted by Becky on 11/2/05 at 9:44 PM. ( )

I should have figured it would come from the same place that sells Bondo.....Thank you George:o)

home depot

This response submitted by newbirdman on 11/2/05 at 9:49 PM. ( )

I think home depot has this stuff also . rick

You would be best to .....

This response submitted by Larson on 11/3/05 at 9:17 AM. ( )

Work with this stuff outside. Polyester resin will fill your studio with the worst smell and it takes months to go away, and if your studio is in your house you wont be able to sleep. There's nothing like having a hangover and you didn't even have fun. I have built a number of duck hunting sneak boats and did the glass work in the garage. My garage still smells like resin.

Have fun. Other then the smell I really enjoy working with resin.


This response submitted by Becky on 11/3/05 at 8:28 PM. ( )

Believe me, I will be working with this stuff outside. I hate the smell of Bondo, and I'm sure the resin will stink too. Once, I used laquer thinner in the house, and the smell lasted all day and gave me a headache. No more! I will go out in the cold rather than stink up the house. Anyway, tomorrow I plan to buy the resin and experiment with some projects. I'll let you all know how it turns out:o)

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