Pheasant wing damage

Submitted by Paul on 11/6/05 at 11:21 AM. ( )

My new pup pointed and retrieved her first rooster pheatant. i want to mount him in a flushing pose but i badly damaged one of the wings with shot. how difficult would it be for me to attach another wing from another bird to this one? i have only mounted a couple dozen birds. is this a realistic task for me to do with reasonable results?

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damage wing

This response submitted by ed on 11/6/05 at 11:50 AM. ( )

replaceing the wing is not that big of a job. our you could just replace the bad feathers.then hide it with some grass & things if it did'nt turn our real good.working on one like that .guy wanted in mounted any way. so i going to ride it with some grass & things. did'nt have extra wing a few tails.


This response submitted by brian f on 11/6/05 at 1:39 PM. ( )

if you're jsut talking about bone/interior damage - no problem.

if feathers and skin missing...replacing wing might be a good idea. or patch work will also work. either way assessing the situation and determining how to fix it is a good experience and makes you that much better and more comfortable with these situations in the future. I once pieced back one of my fleshing wheel disasters - and i must say, there's little that worries me now. ha ha
good luck!

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