Why caulk?

Submitted by jerry k on 11/7/05 at 10:28 AM. ( )

Is it that important? How do you evenly apply it to the bird with out putting a bunch of holes in it? Will it even stick with all the DP that is floating around inside the bird.Im thinking this is my next step to rasing the bar on my bird quality but i need info to belive in it.

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This response submitted by Breck on 11/7/05 at 12:07 PM. ( )

I don't caulk everything but I do like to apply it in the neck (I don't try and fill the breast fat area) and the wings. I find it plumps them up nicely but also gives them strength to endure transport or mishaps. I recently had a flying pose Gould's turkey crash to the ground and I think I was more damaged (my ticker) than was the bird. I'm sure that without caulk in the neck and wings it would have been severly damaged but it only got a scuff on the head's paint job.
As to applying it I only make one small hole in each area and I attach a plastic hose to the end of the nozzle and I'm able to apply it to the deepest areas first and then work my way out towards the opening.

Some info

This response submitted by duckfeathers on 11/7/05 at 3:05 PM. ( )

Caulk used in the wired areas will enable you to use a much lighter wire. Caulk adds to the support when dry. Lighter wires are the trick in doing blue ribbon work. This is just one of many reasons to use caulk. It can be a mess unless you get the dispensing mastered.
Once you master the use of caulk you'll be buying cases of it.


This response submitted by birdman on 11/8/05 at 2:13 PM. ( )

Lighter wire means easier workin of course,byt I don't think that with caulk you could provide strenght to the legs, am I right? ofcourse it gives a strenght to neck and wings,but what about legs? can you use lighter wire in there also?

yes and no

This response submitted by duckfeathers on 11/8/05 at 2:44 PM. ( )

On turkeys or geese sized birds no but for stuff under 3 pounds live weight yes. I learned this from getting yellow ribbons and listening to critques. On the legs caulk can allow you use one size smaller if you can place it at the pivot areas. I find it firms up those joints. And with flying or swimming poses you may be able to go two sizes smaller. I do a lot of commercial woodcock and quail. Caulk enables me to use 18 / 20 gauge wire and keep my sanity with these little clowns.

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