hooded merganser pic

Submitted by al on 11/9/05 at 10:07 AM. ( )

does anyone have or know of a web page with good standing pictures of these birds ,I looked on as many as I could find but no real good shots , thankyou for you help

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Hooded Merganser

This response submitted by Bill Haynes on 11/9/05 at 10:55 AM. ( )

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This response submitted by jglezos on 11/9/05 at 11:03 AM. ( www.jglezos@aol.com )

i have some good shots of some on water. diving,sleeping,eating a fish,some agressive poses also.also a few on ice.

i have been after these birds for years. so far i can only connect with a few hens, cant find a drake anywhere legal to hunt them.do you hunt them or are you just interested in some pic's. if you do hunt them are you interested in maybe getting me a mature drake,im working a comp mount and need a drake BAD.

thanks jg

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