Submitted by johnny z on 11/10/05 at 7:35 PM. ( )

does anyone here raise phesants?
is there money to be made in raising them?
who do you sell to?
how much to sell for?
how many do you average a year?
if you dont mind answering personal q's, i am just interested in this and was wondering?

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It's tough

This response submitted by Dave on 11/11/05 at 7:31 AM. ( )

to make money in pheasants. Till you buy fencing, netting for over the top, water dispensers, feeder dispensers, special starter feeds, antibiotics, blinders, etc. Then they eat earthworm larve and can't digest it they hatch out in there stomachs and crawl up there throats to get out and it suffocates them. Then you get a wet snow and your pen collapses and they excape. If you have any left I sell them to taxidermists but only after having the pen inspected and issued a permit you buy from the game commision. I try to get $25 for roosters and give the hens away. Then when you sell one you box it take it to the post office get it weighed for shipping go home tell the customer how much shipping is and they now don't want it. Sound famillar to anyone on this site? Any more questions e-mail me. Good luck Dave

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