pheasant feather trouble

Submitted by taxidermy 411 on 11/13/05 at 7:27 PM. ( )

When i do some of my mounts i find that the feathers on the back of the bird are stringy and gray. Any suggestions would help. Thanks

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They are not clean.

This response submitted by Rorie on 11/13/05 at 8:28 PM. ( )

I had the same problem and with ducks also. I finally found that I needed to really wash them well and rinse even better. THen a little fluffing up and also make sure the place you are mounting the bird up at is very very clean any left over grease seems to dirty the back feather very easily.


This response submitted by brian f on 11/14/05 at 1:06 PM. ( )

yes, you do need to wash better...but make sure you dry thouroughly as well

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