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Submitted by Lyle on 11/15/05 at 8:59 AM. ( )

A few years ago I purchased a beautiful wood duck mount. It also had the necessary federal paperwork. I am moving and have decided to sell this mount. I need to know is that paperwork tranferrable? Do I simply have to give it to the buyer for everything to be legal? Or do I have to go through some process to officially transfer it? I would appreciate some advice in this matter?

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This response submitted by dex on 11/15/05 at 9:41 AM. ( )

You could log on to the USFWS website, find your area office and ask them. They'll have the final say if this is ever questioned. I would also recommend documenting your conversation, name, date, etc.

Good question....

This response submitted by Breck on 11/15/05 at 11:16 AM. ( )

...that's the response I got when I asked the very same thing to my local Game dept. I have a permit to sell captive reared waterfowl but if I sell them mounted to a retail store does the store owner need a permit also? that was my question. Then the Fed's in Portland Oregon also said "Good question, I don't know" I then called the Fed's in DC and the head of the committee that makes the rules said "Good question, uh uh uh I would say uh uh yes the other party needs to obtain a permit to sell" He made up the rule while on the phone.

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