Stefan Savides eyelid question

Submitted by Jerry K on 11/15/05 at 3:39 PM. ( )

Just bought 2 Pr of these eyelids and they look great but Ill have to hone them out to accept the eyes, no big deal. My question is what to do with the birds eyelids? I dont think I can tuck them in because the eyelid mounts have a bulkly bulge that the eyes sit in.Has anyone here used these? Any tips would be great.

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This response submitted by Jon Cart on 11/15/05 at 6:22 PM. ( )

Any of these pre made eye lids are crap! Build your own eye lids, they look more natural if you do them well. And, you can give them more expresion and attitude. If you dont know how to build them, look at your ref. Hope i helped a little. Jon Cart

What I do

This response submitted by Nancy M. on 11/15/05 at 7:47 PM. ( )

I can make my own eyelids, and I DO when I'm using acrylic eyes (like on competition work) but if I'm using Tohikon eyes I generally use Stefan's simply because they aren't all that bad and the time that I would require to do them is worth more than $2.50.

They only work really well with Tohikon 123's or 124's, though. Grind out the thin part in the middle and then do several test fits until the eye fits into the lid properly. (You can set the lids directly on top of a 60watt light bulb for about 5 seconds and they will soften enough to be adjusted somewhat.) Once the eyes fit, I glue them in.

I remove the real eyelids as well as the fuzzy part that covers the eye when it closes. (Be careful not to remove too much!) Take your time and glue the skin up snugly against the artificial eyelid, using the plastic rim as an attachment point. It's just wide enough.

I won't say that they look like crap, but I HAVE found that they are too exagerated for a lot of species, so I will second Jon Cart's suggestion that you check your references.

So they will soften on a lightbulb

This response submitted by Jerry k on 11/15/05 at 8:09 PM. ( )

enough that you can push the eye in all the way? I bought the recommended eyes for them at the same size for each but the eyes still dont fit snug in to them. Ill try the light bulb thing. Do you mount the eye rings in the skull with clay or epoxie sculpt? They did seem to big for a mallard.


This response submitted by Nancy M. on 11/15/05 at 11:13 PM. ( )

I like to heat them on a lightbulb and then quickly press them down on an eye which is laying pupil-side-up on a smooth surface. That seems to get them installed pretty good. You may have to do more ginding that you would expect to get them to fit right, though. Just be careful not to nick the part that shows.

And yeah, epoxie putty is probably best for setting them, but clay will work too.

Thanks For The Input

This response submitted by Jerry K on 11/16/05 at 12:45 AM. ( )


Eye rings

This response submitted by Jimmy on 11/16/05 at 11:01 PM. ( )

As always look at your reference to see what you are trying to recreate. I use a pair of fine point curved fly tying scissors to cut off the real eye ring of the bird. then work it around the artificial when putting it back together, usually no glue is needed as it fits rather snugly. Keep in mind 85% of your clientele won't know they are there, save for on "exagerated" species, i.e. woodys etc. Every judge will though. Good luck.

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