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Ok, first, i am new to your list and love the diversity.

second, i have been looking fo reference material on wings. i found one sight that stated stefan had a video that showed the best way to remove muscle in the wing section. but cant find the video. i have his flying waterfowl but he just kinda flies (no pun intended) thru it.

third. in your humble opinions what is the best rebuild material for the wings. some say caulk only. some use clay only. some say cotton and string. in stefans video he used some fine hair (jewlers something) and waxed sting. my question is? what do you use.

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since you asked

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I'm sure many will disagree but this has worked for me for hundreds of mounts.
I dont't like skinning the wing out internaly.
To me it is a pain and I don't like the way the bone seperates from the skin.
Instead I skin to the elbow joint and cut off.
After the bird is skinned I make another cut under the wing and remove the muscle and tendons from the bones and rub with tweezers and borax untill all meat is removed and the bone is clean.

I then rub with borax and rebuild the wing with modeling clay and sew up. ( I know the "pros" are lol by now but this works for me).

For flying mounts I insert a very sharp wire thru the form and carefully work it to the tip (wrist of the bird) when I get the desired wing spread I anchor the opposite side of the wire into the form.

A small anout of hollow fill or cotton is placed into the wing where the upper part of the wing musle was removed before sewing up.

Clay and cotton

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I don't skin all the way down to the wrist unless the bones are all broken. According to Sefan if you leave the wing feathers attached it mount's easier when aligning the feathers back. I made a tool to scrape out the meat. I't a piece of wire flattened at the end and sanded smooth so you don't tear anything. I learned that from a Sally Dhames video a long time ago. Stephan uses a tool like such on one of his duck videos. I run the wing wire inside the bone and put clay betwee the radius and ulna. Buid the humerous with cotton and thread.Shoot some caluking in the wing pocket when putting back together. Pat

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