building own bird flesher

Submitted by terryr on 12/11/05 at 1:07 AM. ( )

i cant see paying $225 for duck flesher - looks to me like a small condenser motor would work - i have looked in the archives but the gist of all entries is to buy one - could somone email me how they made one - thanx (no im not going to buy one)

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I built mine for about $75.00

This response submitted by Todd B on 12/11/05 at 9:37 AM. ( tddbuch )

I built the box to the size I wanted it. I then ordered a motor from Grainger. I installed a switch and cord and it looks very much like the soft touch duck degreaser from the supply company. Very simple to do. I think my motor is a 1/10HP but not sure. E-mail me and I can give you the specs off of my motor.(I am not in the shop right now)

Todd B

Oh, but you will

This response submitted by George on 12/11/05 at 9:38 AM. ( )

Terry, I made my own to begin with and it worked for years. HOWEVER, after I figured up what I spent to do it, I shoulda bought one.

Now, if you don't care about the mess and don't want to invest on a cowling (the Lexan or Plexiglass is going to run you $40) go to Grainer and buy a Dayton 1/15 HP motor that turns about 1200 rpm. Buy the one with a switch attached to it. (That'll run you about $75). Then you'll need a sheet of plywood (1/2 inch cabinet grade which won't fall apart with duck fat all over it will run you about $15 for a 2'x2' sheet.) Cut it to make an "L", drill a half inch hole in the center and mount your motor to the back side with the shaft sticking through. Now you'll need an amature to fit over the shaft to adapt a wire wheel to it. It'll cost you about $5. Then go to the supply companies (it's quicker than trying to find them at Lowe's or Home Depot)and buy one soft bristle and one firm bristle wire wheel. (There's another $20). You can set the whole thing inside a cardboard box to keep your walls clean if you'd like. And when you add up your time and cost of gas, you'll still pay more if you build one of comparable quality.

Some people use electric fan motors, but they won't bear up under the stress of defatting very long. They are seldom over 1/30th HP and will burn out quickly. Then you're into rebuilding it every time you do a duck.


This response submitted by AndyO on 12/11/05 at 10:21 AM. ( )

I burnt my homemade flesher up two days ago. I used a house fan motor. Smelled something burning and by the time I turned the thing off it was done. Because I have a nice box already built I talked to a local electric motor repair shop for suggestions. They recommended an HVAC fan motor. Actully they pulled out a Grainger catalog and said the Dayton 1/15 1550RPM fully enclosed fan cooled model will do the job. It's $64 plus shipping. You will also need to buy a 3/8 shaft arbor $9. Knowing my luck this motor wont work right and it'll be more money down the tube.

WOW, Maybe I don't know the difference..

This response submitted by Trapper on 12/11/05 at 1:34 PM. ( )

but, I've been using a combo wire wheel/stone bench grinder since I first started. That was about 13 0r 14 years ago. I just broke off the guard on the wheel side and have not had a problem. Turkeys, geese, wood ducks, whatever.....Now I'm wondering, is there really that much of a difference?

Trapper, first time you get an early season teal or woodduck

This response submitted by George on 12/11/05 at 2:24 PM. ( )

..let me know. A grinder motor is much too powerful to defat birds of that nature with and it leaves virtually no room for error. BTW, what does duck fat taste like? LMAO

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