How much for albino Pheasant?

Submitted by Easton on 2/4/06 at 11:16 AM. ( )

I went pheasant hunting last October and saw at least 5 pure-white pheasant. No Joke. All Pure White, except for a little red on the faces. They looked like chickens getting up with the regular pheasants. We got 1 albino pheasant, but weren't able to keep it. Why? Let me set the stage for you. 4 regular pheasants get up with one white pheasant. 8 guys, all armed with shotguns, 5 within shooting range of the pheasants. Guess which bird all 5 of those guys shoot. Anyway, how much would a pure white albino rooster pheasant be worth for a taxidermist. This October I'm planning on going hunting again. Hopefully I can prevent another mishap like that.

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Alaskan Snow

This response submitted by Randy on 2/4/06 at 12:01 PM. ( )

What you probably saw was a color strain of the ringneck called the Alaskan Snow. This is a fairly common mutation of the regular ringneck and is found on many game farms. These are not true albinos as they do have eye pigmentation and (as you stated) the wattles are red and not pink. If you were hunting in an area where pheasants were planted it's a good bet that is what you were looking at. A local shooting preserve here releases a few of these along with some melanistic mutants (black) birds every year. They run a taxidermy service for their clients and claim that this practice really boosts business! As for price, they are probably worth a little more than a regular ringneck (considering it is a nice bird),


This response submitted by JR on 2/4/06 at 12:03 PM. ( )

Are you hunting that there are so many white pheasants? We operate a lodge in South dakota and offer over 10,000 acres of private hunting. It is rare that we see more than a couple throughout the entire season, and that is with our hunters taking on average 180 birds every three days..

They are usually domestic

This response submitted by Nancy on 2/4/06 at 12:41 PM. ( )

I am guessing that the place you hunted has pheasants stocked from time to time. A white pheasant with a full, unblemished tail is HARD to come by because the lack of pigment makes the feathers very weak and prone to breakage. If you get one like that, it's a real trophy. Otherwise, it's just a color mutation like a white chicken.

They are usually leucistic rather than albino, meaning that they still have pigmented eyes. (In fact, they usually have very dark eyes.) That would be about the only visible difference, though. Both leucistic and albino pheasants will have red wattles since that color is due to blood, not pigment.


This response submitted by Easton on 2/4/06 at 3:26 PM. ( )

Well, The pheasants I spotted were near ellendale north dakota. The guy who owns the land we hunt harvested an albino a few years ago and it was true albino, pink eyes and legs, but still a red wattle. Also the one we shot the heck out of had pink eyes, legs, and beak also, but also a red wattle. These are true albino pheasants and all are wild-born. No introduction was done down there. All pheasants down there are 100% wild.

Double Cheese Burger $1.00

This response submitted by Jim Kimball on 2/4/06 at 4:03 PM. ( )

To be honest with you Easton not much....
We can buy White Pheasants from a farm for $15.00, mount it with pink eyes and paint the feet pink... There you go Albino Pheasant.

Your remark of .... No introduction was done down there. All pheasants down there are 100% wild... Is 100% FALSE ! All pheasants whether they are black,brown,red,yellow,green,blue,or Albino were INTRODUCED at one time or another. In other words a Pheasant is non-native to the United States... meaning someone and sometime brought them to North Dakota and released them. Or they could of released them out of the box in S. Dakota and the poor birds were so scared from the long trip from the Orient that they didn't stop running until they made it to N. Dakota.

Granny does you'er dog bite ? No child No !


This response submitted by Easton on 2/4/06 at 5:30 PM. ( )

I'm pretty sure that it makes it 100% wild if they are born and raised in the wild. I do know that they were introduced (along with the Hungarian partridge). I really doubt that the birds that were introduced are still alive today, so they are wild. Anyway, even if you do buy a white phase pheasant, you can call it an albino, but it never will be one.

Email me

This response submitted by Jack on 2/5/06 at 2:25 PM. ( )

Easton if you get one in excellent condition and not shot up email me and maybe we can work something out.

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