homemade tumbler

Submitted by john on 8/21/06 at 10:46 AM. ( )

looking for some ideas on making a tumbler.just getting started on some waterfowl and dont wont to spend lots of money.Any help would be appreciated.

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homemade tumbler

This response submitted by tim on 8/21/06 at 10:53 AM. ( )

use a cardboard box and corn cob it works great thats as cheap as it gets.

Easy tumbler

This response submitted by Terry on 8/21/06 at 11:14 AM. ( )

Get yourself a 30 gal. plastic barrel cut a door between the ribs and hinge, on the center of the top and bottom bolt on a one half inch floor flange. next inst. a 4 inch nipple with a cap on one end on the other end put a 4 inch nipple then a elbow then a 8 inch nipple then a elbow and then a 6 inch nipple. this end will look like a Z. You then need to fasten two upright 2x6 about 16 inches high and cut a notch 3 inches deep 3 quarters of a inch wide. the pipe nipples on each end fit into these notches and you simply turn the Z handle. Good luck


This response submitted by Ed on 8/21/06 at 11:35 AM. ( kyfowlplay3@yahoo )

The card board is a good way to go . For waterfowl size birds I use a round cooler (@ 2 1/2 gal.) . But bird in it then add corn-cob-grit but lid back on then rool on shop floor.


This response submitted by RichB NC on 8/21/06 at 12:31 PM. ( )

Pat dry with a fluffy bath towel then blow dry with a shop vac. Then you don't have to pick the corn cob grit out of the primary feathers.
sometimes I wonder why I invested in a tumbler aa a "must" have

Cheap Tumbler

This response submitted by Rae on 8/21/06 at 1:14 PM. ( )

IN one of my books it shows a pastic bag with shavings, corn cob etc (whatever you want to use) , you put the bird in the bag tist the top leaving plenty of air to make like a ballon and you shake it up LOL..
DOnt know how well that works but definitly is cheap LOL..

don't need a tumbler

This response submitted by Brian F on 8/22/06 at 5:33 PM. ( brian_fees@coastalbendtaxidermy.com )

If you're jsut talking a few birds anyway. the towel and blow dry will work very well. I actually don't even use my tumbler anymore except for big birds. If you want, just spill some sawdust (tumbling mix, whatever you use) on your work bench and roll it around in there for a while then blow dry. or, jsut air dry it for a while (if you dip in gas, it will speed up the dry), then blow dry. good luck, brian

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