Magpie Tail Feathers

Submitted by Douglas Bison on 3/28/99. ( )

Unusual request........I am a bronze artist of Indian decent. My primary medium is Native American sculpture and wildlife. Another challange I undertake is recreating the bizarre and beautiful headgear of the plains Indians of the 1800's. In absolute detail, I remake headresses using leathers, bead work, tradecloth, bone, feathers and whatever the original items may have been. The completed headdress is then mounted on a life size bronze bust of the particular indian or tribe. Now my problem........The piece I am currently working on is the "Mandan Dog Dancer" of the 1830's. His headdress in incredibly detailed. It incorporates the complete tail fan of the Wild Turkey, Eagle & Hawk feathers, a large Eagle down plume and beautiful beadwork. As an 'enrolled' Indian from South Dakota I already possess the aforementioned items. However, the main focus of the headdress is MAGPIE TAIL FEATHERS ! I need at least 200 of them !! I am fully aware of the protective status the Magpie enjoys throughout most of the U.S. and to it's spiritual power among many of the native cultures. I am legal to possess them......I JUST CAN'T FIND THEM......Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you in advance,

Douglas Little Bison

P.S. I have been an avid hunter all my life and fully appreciate the artistry of your craft....I am pleased to have over 17 mounts throughout our home and my studio.....

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