Question for all of you Dog Owners.

Submitted by Easton on 7/5/06 at 3:31 PM. ( )

This isn't a taxidermy question but I thought I'd ask anyways. I have a black lab who is going on 11 years of age and I am afraid that this will be his last year of hunting. So this weekend I came upon a guy selling Great purebreed lab pups in a walmart parking lot, at a decent price. I figured, hey, I could have this new pup follow my older dog and get trained into hunting. The problem is, I have another dog, a black and tan coonhound lab mix, whom does not like this new pup at all. I've kept trying to introduce this pup and he isn't growling at it anymore but I can tell that he still isn't happy about it and I can't trust to keep the pup in the kennel with him. And now, today, my coonhound is acting really mopey and not as spunky as he usually is.How long will this last? I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

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This response submitted by dogs on 7/5/06 at 4:11 PM. ( dogs )

I am not sure how long it will last just be sure to give all your dogs the same about of attention if not MORE then you did b4. This might help your old hound dog into thinking everything is still cool. Maybe give him a bit more attention ,,,as your new puppy has no idea as to how things are yet. myself My dog lives in the house with us she is part of the family and she would flip out if she was left outside overnight but then again she is a pet,, not a hunting dog 80 pound spoiled rotten lab mix she still thinks she is a lap dog and likes to crawl on my lap whenever I am on the couch.


This response submitted by Mary on 7/5/06 at 6:35 PM. ( )

Anytime a new animal is introduced into the mix, it can take up to three months for all dogs to find out where they fit in the pecking order. Aggressiveness is a pack mentality form of dominance. The most important factor is there needs to be an alpha dog in the pack...and that has to be "you"! You set the limits of what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior in the older dogs and puppy alike! It is very important to establish this from the beginning as to not have problems you will need to correct later, which can be more difficult to undo. Treat, respect and show affection to each dog firmly and equally as they adjust.
It is also important to not allow the puppy to torment your older dog with his playful antics. Just like older people with lower tolerence threshholds, older dogs have little tolerence for an overplayfull puppy. If he displays aggressive behavior, it may simply be that he doesn't feel well enough to jump away or be bothered with the new kid on the block. Remember, he may be in his declining years and should be allowed to live it stress free.
Best of luck !


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by Clarence Pfaffenberger

A quote from the web site that I found the book on pretty well says it all:

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Easton, people frequently ask what seems like a simple question and expect a simple answer. Doesn't often work that way in the real world. If you have in mind to continue through your life as a dog owner, and want to get the most out of any dogs you might have in the future, this book will help tons in making good decisions.

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I had one of the first editions...

Age gap

This response submitted by Laurie on 7/6/06 at 4:18 AM. ( )

When we brought home our puppy, our big ginger dog could not stand her around his paws. As the puppy grew, they started getting on until she started pushing for pack leader. After three proper fights the big ginger dog came out on top and they both live happily together with the puppy (now 2 and a half) knowing her place in the pack.

The important point was that we did not interfere and they sorted it out themselves. The puppy did need to be taken down a peg (Border collie cross) by both the big ginger dog and me who was very cocky and confident - she still is but it is not as bad.

I hope that this helps

Kindest regards


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dogs will get used to each other eventually. Every dog that we have brought home has fought with the other dogs, but eventually accepted them. You have to make sure the growling doesn't go to far and make sure that you give your old dog just as much attention as your new one. That is one of the biggest mistakes people make, they forget about their old friend. Try and make sure that your boisterous puppy doesn't irritate your dog too much and they'll be good friends eventually. Hope that helps.


This response submitted by Easton on 7/8/06 at 1:17 AM. ( )

I thank all that replied. It really helped.

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