Lets talk about buying a Beer!

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This story is a little strange! What do you think?

44-Year-Old Man Faces ID Ordeal When Buying Beer
Clerk began writing down details of drivers license, "We can't sell beer without it"

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | July 26 2006

A reader writes to us to relate the story of a 44-year old man who was not only asked for ID when attempting to buy beer at a Chevron gas station, but the employee actually began to write down the details of his drivers license to be able to sell him the beer.

"Yesterday 7/23 after seeing a movie with his friend, my husband decided to stop at a Chevron gas station to buy a can of beer before going back to his friends house. My husband is 44 years old and does not look like he is under 21," writes Donna.

"The clerk asked for his drivers license and proceeded to write down all his personal information on a piece of paper. She said she could not sell him a beer without all his information."

"He promptly grabbed his license and said why the hell do you need that information and she said "We can't sell you a beer without it". The lady behind him in line asked why they needed this information."

"My husband began to say all our rights are gone, we live in a Police State, listen to Alex Jones infowars.com. Since neither of us have ever bought a beer at a Chevron station I don't know how long this has been going on or if this is the norm."

This particular incident occurred in Prescott Valley Arizona.

As I've previously discussed, the government of Britain passed legislation to keep bars open 24 hours a day and then complained about a nationwide binge drinking problem. The result is that stores in major cities are under police pressure to demand ID for alcohol sales even if the person is clearly over the legal age limit of 18.

Desensitizing people to the necessity of showing Identification greases the skids for a biometric national ID card tied to a centralized database.

And most will blindly accept it all in the name of convenience and the ability to enjoy a cold one.

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ID theft?

This response submitted by Gina on 7/27/06 at 11:15 AM. ( )

With that info and the ID # you can do alot...

Did anyone hear Harry Reid

This response submitted by C ecil on 7/27/06 at 11:53 PM. ( )

the senate minority leader has had identity theft hit close to home? Someone got a hold of one of his credit card numbers and did some charging in his name. He's really steamed about it.

Hey maybe now the government will decide to crack down on these criminals now and throw the book at them and make it easier for victims to straighten things out. Ya think?

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