help me, Doc

Submitted by Jerry on 7/31/06 at 7:12 PM. ( )

Akmed came to the United States from the Middle East,
and was here only a few months when he became very ill.
He went to doctor after doctor, but none of them could help him.

Finally, he went to an Arab doctor who said,
"Take dees bocket, go into de odder room,
poop in de bocket, pee on de poop,
and den put your head down over de bocket and
breathe in de fumes for ten minutes."

Akmed took the bucket, went into the other room,
pooped in the bucket, peed on the poop,
bent over and breathed in the fumes for ten minutes.

Coming back to the doctor he said, "It worked.
I feel terrific! What was wrong with me?"

The doctor said, "You were homesick."

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This response submitted by Elvirus on 7/31/06 at 9:07 PM. ( )

Funny, so hows your father hitler doing ,LOL

Noone says we have to like dune coons!

This response submitted by The Undertaker on 8/1/06 at 6:59 PM. ( )

Hum since most terrorist are of Arab decent, why do the Airport police keep checking the old women out?

They dont like to fight.

I hear Uncle Fiedel is ill, very ill and maybe dead?

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