Honeymoons & anniversaries

Submitted by Crusty on 8/1/06 at 1:12 PM. ( )

I see Tony, Cecil, and a few others have good stories for this subject. There's gotta be more. Could be a good non-political/non religeous thread. For our "honeymoon", my wife and I flew to Nome Alaska and went on a 500+ mile grizzly hunting trip on snowmachines. Was pretty funny. She hadn't ridden more than 20 miles at a time up until then. We were covering 100+ miles a day. She threw a fit once when she kept tipping over on sidehills. She hung right in there though, and we got 2 bears, a fox, and gobs of ptarmigan. Had a blast! She pretty much goes wherever and whenever I go. Any more stories on this subject?

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fun times

This response submitted by frank on 8/1/06 at 2:42 PM. ( )

My wife and I ran my muskrat trap line, I was breaking an 1/8" thick ice trail thru 3 ft deep frozen lake water so she had to carry the traps, gun and supplies. I promised her that next year I will buy her waders.


This response submitted by Michael Sestak on 8/2/06 at 9:34 AM. ( )

Anniversary we spent bowfishing along a creek with a bunch of friends, she got more than i did, we all had a great time.
lots of fun, laughter, and great memories too.

5 year anniversary

This response submitted by Don Houser on 8/2/06 at 12:11 PM. ( )

Just got back yesterday from fishing trip in Danford Lake, Quebec with WT Outfitters. The wife was pushing for Hawaii, I still don't know how I won! We had a great time! Saturday night the guide took us to a party. We drove 20 miles back in the bush and came upon a clearing with a stage and a bluegrass band playing. There were campfires and coolers full of beer. When we left the sun was starting to come up and they were still partying. My body is just starting to feel normal from that night, it's hell getting old!


This response submitted by Ed on 8/2/06 at 7:23 PM. ( )

Your last two weeks of scheduled sex and you guys are going hunting?


This response submitted by Crusty on 8/2/06 at 9:26 PM. ( )

scheduled? Not necessary. The kids are grown and gone. So it's pretty much wherever & whenever the mood strikes. The reloading bench or filleting table and a little imagination...

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