I'm praying...

Submitted by Cecil on 8/2/06 at 5:35 PM. ( )

for a RELIGION category


If we all pray together it could happen!

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I agree

This response submitted by James J on 8/2/06 at 5:39 PM. ( )

I agree 100%

Cecil quit praying an go back to work

This response submitted by Don's Taxidermy & Freeze Drying on 8/2/06 at 5:58 PM. ( )

Surely you don't think the lord is going to finish those fish.

Right on Cecil

This response submitted by jerry on 8/2/06 at 6:10 PM. ( )

I am interested in taxidermy. This is the taxidermy forum. It should stay that way. Predicting the "end of the world" is getting old.


This response submitted by ! on 8/2/06 at 6:41 PM. ( )

You make me laugh at some of your "quips", at the end of Alex's sermons. I would miss that.


This response submitted by Mr.T on 8/2/06 at 6:45 PM. ( )

If I wanted preaching, I would go to Church twice on Sunday, Wednesday, Group night a friend's house during the week, join a Bible study at the jail, turn the radio on, watch the 8 different religious stations on the satellite, or go to another web site. However, I certainly do not go to these other places for taxidermy tips.
I believe,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, in the separation of Church and Taxidermy.

I thought this is the CURRENT EVENTS category?

This response submitted by KIM on 8/2/06 at 6:45 PM. ( )

Current events can be ANYTHING people want to post about...

If you read all of the posts...

This response submitted by KIM (LMAO) on 8/2/06 at 7:40 PM. ( )

...you would of received more knowledge than has been dispersed in most churches the past ten years! GOSH! What a bargin! All you had to do was read and not listen to a lot of "preaching."--LMAO

Have fun people and play nice. Hunting season is almost here and then we get to go kill something...COOL!

Gotta agree with Kim on this one...

This response submitted by Terry on 8/2/06 at 7:41 PM. ( go_tigers90@yahoo.com )

A person's faith- what many on here term religion- is as much a part of current events as any posting political or humorous. I know when I hanker for fish taxidermy related stuff (it happens a whole lot), I click on the "Fish" icon. I do not do birds so very, very rare is the occasion that I click on "Birds". And I don't read every single thread in the categories I do enjoy- I pick the ones that sound like they would interest me. I guess I just assumed that to be the case for everyone visiting this site.

Mr.T... I respectfully disagree. Separation of Church and Taxidermy... while cute and good for a chuckle, for those that I see post on here regarding their faith- no matter what denomination they claim membership with- it's just not possible. I'm sure others will tell you the same thing as this: my faith is ALWAYS with. Always. I cannot possibly emphasize that enough. It's not a Sunday or Just a Bible Study kind of thing. I feel God's presence wherever I'm at... at the post office, grocery store... in my classroom with a bunch of kids... and I feel His presence even moreso when I am doing something that involves the talents and abilities He has chosen to bless me with. I certainly feel Him with me during my taxidermy related endeavors. All things that we do- done with with a right heart- can be acts of worship to our Lord. Separation just isn't possible. It's not something to be checked at the door... or the computer. LOL

Have a fabulous Wednesday afternoon. :-)

And Cecil...

This response submitted by Terry on 8/2/06 at 7:43 PM. ( go_tigers90@yahoo.com )

If you want to ignore the "religious" posts, then do it. :-) You have free choice and can certainly do that if you wish. None of these posts regarding faith have had sneaky titles to them. Just skip right over and go on to the political postings.

You go Terry!

This response submitted by KIM (LOL) on 8/2/06 at 7:46 PM. ( )

Yea! ...What Terry said ! LOL


This response submitted by Terry on 8/2/06 at 8:06 PM. ( go_tigers90@yahoo.com )

It seems like common sense to me. :-)

I'm still praying guys

This response submitted by Cecil on 8/2/06 at 9:56 PM. ( )

How about a prayer chain? LOL


This response submitted by Mr.T on 8/2/06 at 10:01 PM. ( )

When I go to the potluck dinner at church, I do not want some things on my plate, even if it came from the Pastors wife's kitchen. When I come here, I expect now and then to see prayer request from people that need, and are asking for it. However, I don't see to many begging for full blown sermons here. Post a view, ask a question, but posting next Sundays sermon from a cut and paste that is not your original thinking, is thumping, not Spirit lead.
And if the (current events category) is the excuse used for thumping, then why not keep it short and just post {go read your Bible} instead of posting a two hour Bible study to prove a belief.

Kim the Bible is too old

This response submitted by Cecil on 8/2/06 at 10:47 PM. ( )

for Current Events. LOL

God likes people who hunt and fish

This response submitted by Carlton on 8/2/06 at 10:52 PM. ( )

ACTS 10;13 Rise Peter, kill and eat. Then eventually it made it to the taxidermists, but in those days were tanners first and cosidered to be nasty and unclean. And as I sit In church now I wonder do people consider us tanners and taxidermist to be unclean nasty people? what do you think I'm sure my shop is cleaner than most peoples homes , but still wonder how most of the public view us? P.S. I hold nothing against anyone for their beliefs its not for us to judge. good day

Why don't

This response submitted by Nat on 8/2/06 at 10:52 PM. ( )

you guys that don't like Kim's posts quit reading them ? I don't think hearing about Jesus has hurt anyone.

For what it's worth Guys and Gals

This response submitted by KIM on 8/2/06 at 11:37 PM. ( )

At least we are talking and we are not bored or fighting about the same old thing we work in every day. The information discussed applies to all humans on the planet. You can't really say that about taxidermy.

Who knows, to get just one person interested in "GOD" and the Bible is a wonderful thing! The people that are turned off when you mention GOD or the Bible and the ones that scoff and do not believe are the ones that have not been called by GOD...and perhaps, they never will.


these guys are right, as far as I see it, too

This response submitted by Bill Yox on 8/3/06 at 12:57 AM. ( )

They wanted a category for non-taxidermy related stuff, and Ken gave it to them. If KIM enjoys posting about religion, whats the harm? Youll all know by the title, skip what you dont like. Id rather see folks dabble in religion than the other alternatives out there these days. Faith isnt too bad at all.

Thank you Bill. I also post about taxidermy

This response submitted by KIM on 8/3/06 at 1:31 AM. ( )

There will be plenty of taxidermy posts on the way...stay tuned! LOL


This response submitted by Terry on 8/3/06 at 4:17 AM. ( go_tigers90@yahoo.com )

Your analogy with the pastor's wife's kitchen... Ah, the free will our Father gave us to choose. And you- and everyone visiting here- certainly have that option available to you. I respect your viewpoint but respectfully stand by mine that those who do not wish to read such posts can choose not to click on them and read them, as Bill also mentioned above.

And as for myself, I do not believe I have ever used a cut and paste. I have quoted scripture on occasion but I when so have actually went through the tedium of typing it out. lol But perhaps that was not directed at me. There have been some very informative and truthful cut and pastes on here of late though. As a Christian... it can be a double edged sword, I guess, in a way... when we do profess our faith we do run the risk of alienating some, turning people off... we hear comments about being Bible thumpers. At the same time scripture- the very same scripture that is professed as truth by those who do only show up on Sunday and roll their eyes at some of these very posts- is very very clear our duty to get God's message of salvation, through his Son Jesus Christ, out to anyone and everyone we can. Honestly I cannot remember ever starting a thread myself having to do with faith. I choose to respond when answers seem obvious to me or I feel like a response as a Christian is warranted. That said, I am impressed by and feel pride in those on here who do take the initiative in posting messages about God's plan for us. Frankly, they're doing just what scripture tells us we SHOULD be doing.

Kim was right about something else- hunting season's a coming soon. For us up here it's the 20th of the month and the opening of moose season. Surely we can all agree a new season upon is a wonderful thing, right?

My sincere wish for a Thursday full of our Father's blessings to everyone. Have a great one; I know I will. :-)

Mr T.

This response submitted by Rich B. on 8/3/06 at 7:57 AM. ( )

you bring up a good point about people asking for "prayer requests" when somebody is either sick, dying or dead." It was really out there after 9/11. Remember all the "God Bless America"?
God wants a relationship with us ALL THE TIME...not just when we are desperate. He is not a good luck charm...He is our CREATOR.
You know what Jesus said about "part time" Christians?:
"I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.
So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth"
Revelation 3:15-16

To Cecil,
You should really take the time and actually READ all of the so called "religious" posts that have been on here lately. Instead of thinking that you already know what it says, you should humble yourself and LEARN from it. Christianity is not a RELIGION in the sense of say Buddahism or Hinduism(where people are performing rituals to try and reach up to God) TRUE CHRISTIANITY is the complete opposite (God reaching down to us by way of His only begotten Son Jesus Christ).
The first step you must take is to actually admit that you are a sinner and that you are in need of a SAVIOUR to make you right with God. It seems to me from the image that you portray on here that this might be a pretty difficult task. Please understand that I am not JUDGING you. This is completely out of Love. If you put as much energy into spreading God's Word as you do supporting a "man-made" political party, you could really make a differnce. I really see potential in you! It would be nice to have someone so passionate and willing to defend a cause as a Brother in Christ.

Cecil started this post for one reason...

This response submitted by Craig on 8/3/06 at 10:43 AM. ( )

he thinks he's cute and funny but we all know he asked for this category...or whined for it. Then, when Ken gave it to him, he quit it saying he would never come back because someone got too personal with him with some post. Then he started posting these issues in other categories, which in my opinion was a slap in Ken's face. So you might think this is funny, Cecil, but I think it just goes to show how immature you really are. There, I said it.

Ha Ha Craig the forum troll

This response submitted by Cecil on 8/3/06 at 11:59 AM. ( )

Got to get back to my Hot Wheels.

As usual Craig you have your facts wrong. I never asked for this category. but you're right someone did whine for it and it wasn't me.

Rich makes a good point Cecil...

This response submitted by Terry on 8/3/06 at 3:25 PM. ( go_tigers90@yahoo.com )

You appear to be one of the most passionate, intelligent people on hear. Just need to get you to be more a fisher of men (notice the word "fish" is in that... lol).

Seriously, I agree with what Rich posted. I will say this for you though, Cecil. Within the Fish category (my preferred haunt) I have always been impressed by your willingness to answer any little question regarding actual art of fish. And regarding fish you have many, many good ideas.

Consider matters of Faith...Have a great day down in your neck of the woods... :-)

There go them names again, Cecil.

This response submitted by Craig on 8/4/06 at 10:27 AM. ( )

you are truly a piece of work.

I'm sorry you were

This response submitted by Cecil on 8/4/06 at 1:46 PM. ( )

insulted by "Hot Wheels" Craig. Must be a colloquial thing. LOL

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