Your busy months in Taxidermy?

Submitted by KIM on 8/2/06 at 7:24 PM. ( )

A real taxidermy post and about time, huh? LOL

Our busy months in Colorado start from mid to late september and continue through December for the big game season. Of course, we get work shipped into us year around. And some people freeze their trophies until they get the money to bring it in.

Was wondering what are your busy months and what state are you in?

Thanks in advance for your answers.---KIM

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mine are

This response submitted by Dave on 8/2/06 at 7:50 PM. ( )

the week of Thanksgiving and 2 weeks after. Bear is the Monday-Wednesday before turkey day and deer is the following 2 weeks thats it. I live in Pa.


This response submitted by Chris on 8/2/06 at 8:46 PM. ( )

I have mounted Deer in the past, but all I do is fish now. I live in the Finger Lakes region in New York, but I get quite a few fish from Lake Ontario and its tributaries. I'm the only one who mounts fish in my area. Most of the other taxidermist around here quit mounting fish and just do big game and birds because of backlog. I've been mounting fish for twenty six years and they are my passion. I guess I'm lucky to be busy all year long because of where I live.

In Mississippi

This response submitted by joeym on 8/2/06 at 9:34 PM. ( )

my busiest month is January...but it is REALLY hectic during the week after Christmas, through New Years Day.

my busy months are the ones with the letter 'R' in them.

This response submitted by bw on 8/2/06 at 9:45 PM. ( )

june, july and august are just spent catching up.

but in Illinois, and the we have two gun seasons. a three day season and a 4 day season. those two weekends are taxidermist breakers.

My busiest months start in January

This response submitted by Hogger on 8/3/06 at 4:28 AM. ( )

and end in late December!

October- November

This response submitted by Drew M on 8/4/06 at 12:46 AM. ( )

That is when I get the work, then I start mounting in late spring. My summers are probably the busiest since I only do this part time and still try to get out and shoot when I get the chance on some weekends.

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