The name of this forum is not the "Jesus hour"

Submitted by me on 8/3/06 at 11:33 PM. ( )

It's TAXIDERMY.NET! Can we please stop with the Jesus talk? I am religous as the next person but if I wanted to learn about Jesus all day long I would. I want to learn about taxidermy, that is why I come to a TAXIDERMY website. Take your religous quibblings else where.

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then don't click on current events

This response submitted by Motza on 8/3/06 at 11:41 PM. ( )

Then don't click on current events.

Dear "me"

This response submitted by Don on 8/4/06 at 2:01 AM. ( )

Or whoever you are; suck it up and quit crying.

"Religious as the next person"?

This response submitted by Terry on 8/4/06 at 3:26 AM. ( )

Hmmm... Anyway...

This has been mentioned many, many times over the last couple of weeks, specific to "religious" posts... These posts do appear in Current Events forum and there is nothing to keep you from skipping over and going on to a thread of more interest to you.

I have at times in the past rolled my eyes at back biting by some of the regulars over political posts that seemed to spin out of control and gain a life of their own. BUT... I fully respect the right of those who feel strongly to state their case, be it brief or of novel length. I would never consider telling someone to give it a rest- it's obviously important to them and that's what this particular forum category is for. I simply move on to topics that do intrigue me. :-)

Pass those religious posts over...

This response submitted by Craig on 8/4/06 at 10:22 AM. ( )

no one wants you to turn to a pillar of salt, lol.

I can't help but

This response submitted by Crusty on 8/4/06 at 11:44 AM. ( )

see a similiarity between what's been going on here, and what's going on in Bagdad between Sunnis & Shihites, other than Alex hasn't yet strapped a vest on and paid a visit to Kim. Nobody is going to change anyones mind, so exactly what is the point?

Hi Crusty!

This response submitted by KIM on 8/4/06 at 11:54 AM. ( )

One day I WILL make it up your way to visit and hunt. Gotta convience the wife or take the girl friend with me. LOL

As far as Alex is concerned, I don't have any beef with him. He seems to be ok to me. Each person has their own desires and data base to draw on..

Anyway, all of the posts are just a way of getting the word out and giving people the choice of what information to read, enjoy and research. Many don't want to hear it but they don't have to read it and can skip oveer it and be silent.

That is it! No upmanship or anything else is implied like some have claimed. Personal attacks are defended and answered one by one. Other than that all is peaceful.

Have a great weekend and enjoy ALASKA!



This response submitted by Terry on 8/4/06 at 4:19 PM. ( )

It's awfully hard NOT to enjoy Alaska, but I guess that's just another humble opinion. For myself I find Alaska goes down easy in so many different ways.

Crusty... I am still hearing (albeit mostly from people at the store and around town) that it was a bit down for kings and reds. My best friend gets here tomorrow and supposedly the silvers are going to be running strong next week.

Please take me along fishing!

This response submitted by KIM (LMAO) on 8/4/06 at 4:26 PM. ( )



This response submitted by Crusty on 8/4/06 at 5:12 PM. ( )

since they just opened the Kenai again for dipnetting, about half my freakin' crew left at lunch time. My freezer and pantry are FULL, and somebody has to hold down the fort. The runs have all been REALLY LATE this year. Normal in Bristol Bay Terry?


This response submitted by Terry on 8/4/06 at 5:21 PM. ( )

Everything has been late here as well, at least as far as fish... And I don't know how it's been in Anchorage and the valley, but it has been extremely cool here all summer long... most mornings lately feel like Fall, with not a hint of summer to them. We have very, very seldom topped 60 with most days in the 50's. Last year, and in my previous 3 summers in DLG, we always had to have the windows open and fans running for most of June, all of July and a lot of August- and even then it was warm to hot in the house. This year, I have yet to turn on the fans, my thermostat is always in the low 60's and I have to close the windows at night. With the exception of a few days at the end of May/beginning of June it has been like that all summer long. (and personally I like it like this... please do not construe this as whining) It just seems really strange. I kind of wonder if it stays really cool how it will affect the moose. I know it's supposed to be tied to the daylight, as far as a lot of their behaviors... but I can't help but think this will impact them in some way.

Kim, my sympathies... central KS is home for me and I KNOW what kind of summer they have had. I kind of assumed that parts of Colorado were in the same boat. I do not miss the heat at all. And frankly, fishing for pike (my favorite) is like fishing for bluegill, just a whole lot bigger. :-)

To support my point...

This response submitted by Terry on 8/4/06 at 5:25 PM. ( )

... I just stepped out on the porch to feed the cat. It is probably as hot as it will get here today and my porch thermometer says 57. This has very much been the norm.


This response submitted by Crusty on 8/4/06 at 5:43 PM. ( )

Same kind of summer here too. Actually, this is a "normal". I've lived here since '81. Up until about 5 years ago, I could count the times I saw 80+ in Anchorage on 1 finger. I prefer this weather. The garden isn't near as good as the last 5 years though. Maybe I'll come visit for some good pike fishing next summer...

I got interupted...

This response submitted by Crusty on 8/4/06 at 5:45 PM. ( )

"normal summer"... I HATE when that happens!

Pike fishing

This response submitted by Terry on 8/4/06 at 6:33 PM. ( )

Crusty, I have to say... the pike fishing here is fine for numbers but the size isn't particularly impressive. But I'm nuts for pike so it really doesn't matter... I just scale back my equipment. I have heard from biologists that the pike in the immediate vincinity will be on the smaller side, compared to what I am used to. Honestly they seem like clones to me; everything seems to run between 23 and 30 inches, 3-6 or 7 pounds... I have heard that up the lake system from us to the north there are larger ones, but in the absence of a boat (still don't have one) I have not been able to test that.

This is my second stint in Alaska. I was in Nondalton for six years in the 90's. There are some drainages leading into Lake Clark that have excellent pike, in both size and number. We regularly caught fish over 35 inches and over 40 and approaching 50 was fairly common. I have pictures of pike to where the typical response is "Wow". I do miss the big ones... A friend and I have talked about getting a plane over there some summer but he's typically tied up in the summer. And once the school year starts my time is more restricted.

Me ?

This response submitted by Alex on 8/4/06 at 8:04 PM. ( )

Strap some explosives to Kim ?

I guess you really don't know me.
Maybe I'll starp a vest full of sausages and bread and feed Kim if he needed it.

Don't accuse me of your own evil thought, LOL

Like I said, Alex is OK.

This response submitted by KIM on 8/4/06 at 11:46 PM. ( )

Many people don't understand Alex.
You take care and enjoy life!--KIM

Shows how long some of you have been here

This response submitted by DaveT on 8/5/06 at 1:39 PM. ( )

Ken put off making this category for years until the political stuff got out of control. If you do not like the topic, skip it or go to another category... it really is that simple.


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