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Dear Sir,

This is an Urgent mail that I am sending to you and i would like you to treat it like that and let me know if you can help or not.

At the present moment i have got the son of one of my client in Malaysia. This client was a prominent man who was previously involved in political distabilization.since the rebel activity in Ivory Coast that led the country into civil distraction and the country to be divided into two. One pro-rebel to the North and the pro-government to the south. His elder son is under United Nation protection in Malaysia and he might probably be interested to invest, since their family is blacklisted in Ivory Coast because of the father being a rebel lord.

I Had a phone conversation with the father who was requested some foreign contact from me in other to help him disguise positively the money that they obtained through the two big west African country nation Banks which the amount is up to 8.5 million us dollar, one in karhogo and the other in Bouake, because these Banks are on their rebel territory.

If you can help in this I will put you through so that you can contact this gentleman in Malaysia .But please be forewarned that it is dangerous because the money that is in Malaysia was not declared at the port of entry since it went in Malaysia through Diplomatic Banner.

Please if you can handle these and ready to contact this gentlemen in Malaysia to help this families invest this money in proper way and honest let me know so I can give you the contact.But it will be wise to tell me the truth if you are scare in other to avoid exposing him.

Hope you can feel free to respond back to me so will can know each other and do things together with peace.

My regards,

G. Zuma.

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Nigerian scam

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That is just another version of the Nigerian Scam.
I love those things... they are so hilarious. I report them all.

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