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Submitted by George on 8/5/06 at 12:10 AM. ( georoof@aol.com )

Some of us don't go down the individual categories, but rather just click on "RECENT". When we do, we can look at ALL the postings for the last 3 days. For the holy rollers who say "don't read current events", it's really not a choice for us in seeing your silly postings. You've managed to hijack a good forum for your own self indulgence. Maybe we can convince Ken to eliminate the "CURRENT EVENTS" category as it's obviously being misused zealots.

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This response submitted by .. on 8/5/06 at 12:19 AM. ( )

Amen Brother


This response submitted by A Voice from Above? on 8/5/06 at 12:45 AM. ( )

Youv'e done your JOB___ here, now leave and GO TELL IT ON THE MOUNTAIN***,enuff of Mountain Sinai & back to Mountin" Critters. Oh, the madness ,,,,,,,


This response submitted by Terry on 8/5/06 at 4:01 AM. ( go_tigers90@yahoo.com )

... I have to admit, I had never tried clicking on the recent postings option (honest) until I read what George said. And while I see his point, as far as things aren't broken down into separate categories, I still think that based on thread titles, it is relatively easy to avoid "religious" or faith postings, if in fact those type of postings irritate or offend you. And should you inadvertently click on something that IS tied to "religious" or faith based postings, it is a simple matter to hit the back button. My computer is a dinosaur (read: SLOW) and it still performs that function in a matter of seconds.

I honestly do not understand what the big deal is. George's reference to "hi jacking a good forum for your own self indulgence" I take offense to. Posting items related to one's own religious beliefs is no different than some who, in my opinion, go way overboard or "overindulge" in political offerings. And frankly- realizing that to many this is just my opinion- the welfare of someone who hasn't perhaps yet thought seriously about salvation (i.e. one's eternal soul) MORE than trumps anything political.

If there is not freedom to intelligently discuss pertinent issues or to put forth ideas about topics we feel as important to us- no matter what those issues might be- then I would have to agree with George on one thing: what's the sense in having a Current Events forum (which is clearly defined on this site as topics NOT directly related to taxidermy).

And your term zealots? (and by association zeal, zealousness, etc;) Yes I am... about a lot of things. I am very zealous about my role as a father and about my kids... I am a decided zeal when it comes to trapping, bowhunting and archery. I have been told that I am zealous about basketball. Oh, and I am zealous regarding my faith...

(Some of you brace for an eyeroll here...)

"Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord." Romans 12:11

God said to be this way and I aim to try.

To one and all... Have a super weekend! I feel a whole lot of sun and fish coming on... at least in SW Alaska.

Point of clarification...

This response submitted by Terry on 8/5/06 at 4:06 AM. ( go_tigers90@yahoo.com )

That should have said that I am zealous about trapping, bowhunting and taxidermy. To say bowhunting and archery could be construed as redundant. I had a friend chime in on IM and it distracted me... honest. :-)

thats a new one

This response submitted by Mr.T on 8/5/06 at 5:59 AM. ( )

Using the Bible as a command to post here, the Bible says to spread the word, so that entitles some to do so here, a legal loop hole and excuse to post here, God said so, it's in the Bible.
Halloween will be here soon, and we will go through this again on how un-holy that day is, and if you even think about a pumpkin on your porch, you're going to hell.
Then the un-holy Christmas tree will be drug out and we will go through that bla bla bla again. Zealots get bent on issues and come here to prove their points and it never ends. Dump the current
events or clean it up.

Sorry Mr.T...

This response submitted by Terry on 8/5/06 at 6:55 AM. ( go_tigers90@yahoo.com )

The Bible does not "command me to post here." Scripture tells me to be zealous in serving God. In representing myself anywhere- including here- if the topic of faith comes up, it should be done in such a fashion... the "letting your light shine" kind of thing.

It has nothing to do with being entitled to post here or loopholes. The way I read what this category is supposed to be about- what is listed on the site itself- would certainly allow for someone to express their beliefs, no matter what those beliefs might be about. That would be to include beliefs based on faith, what some call "religious" posts. I cannot speak for others but I do not feel that I personally abuse the purpose of this particular forum by standing beside others of beliefs like my own or by offering my specific thoughts about a thread of this nature. How is this any different at all from someone posting about why a particular movie is wrong or why things are the way they are in the middle east and here's what we should do about it by golly! It's not any different. To me, personally, it's different from the standpoint of my personal priorities, priorities that are shared by some and, apparently, loathed by others. But how ANYONE on this site can say any of this is any different from other topics here... that other topics are perfectly OK to discuss, but gee this is getting old... the solution is simple: don't click on them... don't read them.

The whole thing started, as I recall, a couple of weeks ago with a few individuals sharing what was on their hearts. They felt convicted to share the message of salvation. I cannot myself understand anyone who would claim to be a Christian or even a lukewarm, once-in-a-great-while (but I believe!) churchgoer having any problem with that. Don't want to listen to what some on here say? Go talk to your priest, pastor, minister about getting the message out to people... Cecil posted awhile back about these threads turning people off and how there was simply no way anyone was going to come to Christ on here. You know what- fair enough and I have no doubt he honestly believes that. I struggle with that myself, as I've seen examples of that in other places and from other methods of delivery. What if people are turned away? What if it paints a negative image? But what's the alternative? Sit and wait for people to come to your door? I do agree that discretion is nice... we SHOULD pray about it when we are given the opportunity to share. And who said that people actually need to come to Christ right here on this site? Sometimes it is a matter of planting a seed of thought. Sometimes that seed does not grow to fruitition until many years later. But it has to start somewhere.

Those individuals who originally got the ball rolling on this, with a sincere heart towards getting out God's message about salvation, I commend. Anytime a stand is taken there will be some that disagree- no matter what the topic is or whether it happens here or in the workplace or wherever. As intelligent adults we have the ability to decide for ourselves to listen or tune out. But for those that cry foul about some of the posts that have been started over matters of faith... I just don't see where you have a leg to stand on.

Let it be

This response submitted by scanman on 8/5/06 at 7:50 AM. ( scanman@forspeed.com )

I think Ken has a nice forum here. Nobody is making us open every post and nobody says that you have to respond to every post. Actually some of you have so much pride that the only fish coming in to the bait is you.
We are here because we share a common interest, take from this site what you can and brush the sand off your sandals on the other stuff. And thank God we live in a country where we can mouth off one to one another.

Some posts do not get picked up on Recent...

This response submitted by joeym on 8/5/06 at 7:55 AM. ( joeym@ra.msstate.edu )

I always go to the recent posts. Sometimes there will be a topic that I cannot pick up on. I will go to the topic category and find what is being discussed. I don't understand why this occurs. Still, this is a great forum. There is no way to keep people from preaching on here. However, I believe they would be more effective in trying to save souls in their "real" world, rather than here. The difference here is that we provide an audience. In the real world, people choose to listen or move on.


This response submitted by Rich B. on 8/5/06 at 8:19 AM. ( )

Read what Terry just wrote and then read it again.
Take a few minutes and PONDER what he said.
Set your EGO aside for a few minutes and just feel the heart that was put into it as is evident in all of his writings.

Terry, we can disagree

This response submitted by George on 8/5/06 at 8:20 AM. ( georoof@aol.com )

But fundamentalist Christians ARE giving Christianity a bad name. They believe everything they read, yet are very selective in their interpretation of it. The same people who will ridicule a Muslim for his belief in 42 virgins, will piously preach that "his" religion is purer than someone elses. The site HAS been inundated by religious ZEALOTS who want to pontificate. We've had animal rights activists here and we've had the global warmers, but when we get self-indulgent Christians, it becomes politically correct not to stand up to them. I'm sorry, but Homey don't play that game. I'm a proud Protestant whose religion stems from the Reformation. I consider myself a Christion but I don't pompously flaunt it or try to cram my peculiar beliefs down anyone's throat. Religion was here long before the Christians arrived and seemed to serve Adam, Lot, Noah, Jacob, and Moses quite well. You'll want to tell me that no one can get to heaven without believing in Christ, but it's a lie. The scriptures tell us that Moses was led there by God himself ad Moses wasn't Christian. Fundamentalist when confronted with such information immediately begin interpreting the scriptures to fit their narrow band of beliefs. If YOU can live with your beliefs and YOUR religion, that's fine. But TAKE IT TO A RELIGIOUS FORUM. You are not going to "save" anyone here. Salvation belongs to the Lord and He works in more wonderous and mysterious ways than you can imagine. THIS IS A TAXIDERMY FORUM SITE. TALK TAXIDERMY OR BE GONE.

George please think about this prayerfully

This response submitted by Rich B. on 8/5/06 at 8:40 AM. ( )

1 "I charge thee therefore before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom;

2 Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine.

3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

5 But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry."

2 Timothy 4:1-5

Go George!

This response submitted by Cecil on 8/5/06 at 8:56 AM. ( )

I agree with you 100 percent. I also feel like the Jehovah witness's are knocking on my door and won't quit. Anyone else feel that way?

And btw, how many of you are receptive when they knock on your door? Not many I bet.


This response submitted by Gina on 8/5/06 at 10:43 AM. ( )

George, are the other 14 forum sites offered too much for you to pay attention too that you have to knock the people who are posting in current events?

Even in Recent, you know that if it has a religious title, what is contains. So why bother? Do you look in every book in a library?

Offending a persons religion is like offending them. Like telling you, George, that your work sucks and is no good. (just and example)

No matter what your opinion is, it is heard, but I see that many dont appreciate it. We have heard you complain as much as we have heard the religious people discuss salvation. Its a bit like a broken record now. Everyone going back and forth...

However, i do have to agree that there has been a bit much on the religion topic lately. It would be nice to have a little variety. Some jokes, some news, something.

religion vs competition? caution, "God "mentioned

This response submitted by Dan Gill on 8/5/06 at 10:55 AM. ( )

I dont know all of you personally, but does our excitement about religion carry into competition, I see on here, George isnt excited about competing, and isnt excited about religion. or appears to be so. I get excited about competing, and about trying to be a good Christian. do you think some have a more excesive personality, all or nothing.? We are excited about what God does in our lives, and want others to experience it. Or, I dont like people telling me what to believe. Judges, or spiritually. This may not be very clear. I have trouble "typing" my point.
We got God out of our school, and even some of our churches. dont worry, it wont be long He will be out of our Taxinet also. Then who do we blame things on...? Did you ever notice people hate to talk about things they are afraid of?
Dan Gill

The Last Person...

This response submitted by Old Fart on 8/5/06 at 10:58 AM. ( )

...That I want teaching ME religion is a TAXIDERMIST! They may be very devout in their beilefs and have a good knowledge of their faith, but they are still not a TRAINED minister. If you want to teach sunday school under the supervision of your church, great. Please don't bring your "sunday school" preaching here. I'm not a person who wants "freedom FROM religion", but I do wish to practice my own "freedom OF religion". That means IN the church of my choice, with a trained religion professional of my choice.

If I have offended anyone with a religous degree or an ordained minister who is posting here, I'm sorry. Religous "zelots" have driven more lost souls from seeking religion than the athiests have, and that's unfortunate.

I have no problem with anyone posting a religious comment or link to something, "as it pertains to CURRENT EVENTS", in that category. The point is, this is NOT THE PLACE to "preach" or debate religion. I'm sure there are lots of sites out ther in www.land that you will be most welcome at.

Like George, I seldom visit specific categories. I come here and go to RECENT for my daily "fix" of taxidermy. Now it's my turn to "preach"...To all the pathetic simpletons who don't know how to TITLE their posts with something other than "help" or "does anyone no?". PUT SOMETHING UP THERE THAT PERTAINS TO YOUR SUBJECT!

Or I'm going to become "The Subject Police" and start making fun of you. You've been warned!

oh good point Gina

This response submitted by Dan Gill on 8/5/06 at 11:01 AM. ( )

No Religion, No complaining, No negative comments. No insinuating bad language such as *@a%? that offends me. Lets make it all flowers, and puppy dogs. Why can George be mean to peopls, but I cant mention God?
Dan Gill

Catholic Priests...

This response submitted by Craig on 8/5/06 at 11:38 AM. ( )

are highly trained according to the Catholic Church but some are still some pretty bad people in the eyes of God, Old Fart. I don't need a child molester teaching me about the wages of sin! Priests, ministers, whatever they call themselves are just people and are also prone to sin, just like us taxidermists. What makes them any more qualified to preach the word of God? The only human born on this earth that was free of sin was Jesus, from what I get out of all of this.

I don't care who wants to take the pew, I simply scroll down until I see the responses. That becomes my entertainment for the day, lol.

I have to agree with you, Dan. Especially in a free country on a free forum.

Craig, you and Rich are at it again

This response submitted by George on 8/5/06 at 12:02 PM. ( )

Jesus certainly was NOT free of sin if you believe what you read. He is said to have taken the sins of man with him when he died and left them in hell (where ever that's supposed to be). Rich, I take offense in YOU quoting me scriptures. I have a bible and I read quite well. I don't need your analogies, interpretations, or blessings. YOU can't give them to me as you're just another weak and sinful human. But I digress. I'm sounding like you holy rollers now.

Dan, real Christians SHOW me, they don't have to tell me anything. And I know YOU don't believe what you wrote. You KNOW God isn't out of the schools or anyplace else for that matter. The Romans couldn't do it and certainly the U.S. Supreme Court can't. If you truly believe, you have to know what you said is not true. All I've asked is that if ANY of you out there actually believe in the examples of true believers, why is it so difficult for you to respect the feelings of others of us who don't want to hear your sermons. As Old Fart said, the LAST person on this earth that I'd seek preaching from is a taxidermist. Considering all the jobs in the world, taxidermists are the least educated people around. That's a stigma we should be working on before some of you try playing theological seminarians. I'm sick of hearing it here, and I'm not the only one by the mail I get. I don't care WHO you are or what you think you are, spouting scriptures and verse make MOST of us cringe with your silliness.

"Current Events" for 'Christians'

This response submitted by George on 8/5/06 at 12:32 PM. ( )

'Prophet arrested for having sex with a minor'
An Arizona judge has sentenced a polygamist to 45 days in county jail for having sex with a teenager he took as his third wife.

The sentence disappointed authorities in Kingman, Arizona, who had hoped a harsher punishment for defendant Kelly Fischer would discourage others in the church from taking teenage wives.

Fischer was the first of seven members of the Fundamentalist Latter-day Saints (FLDS) to be tried for plural marriages to minors.

Members of the group, which broke with mainstream Mormons in the 1890s over polygamy, believe that only those in plural marriages can reach the highest level of heaven.

Particle Accelerator Reveals Archimedes' Hidden Writings

SAN FRANCISCO (Aug. 5) - Previously hidden writings of the ancient Greek mathematician Archimedes are being uncovered with powerful X-ray beams nearly 800 years after a Christian monk scrubbed off the text and wrote over it with prayers.

Over the past week, researchers at Stanford University's Linear Accelerator Center in Menlo Park have been using X-rays to decipher a fragile 10th century manuscript that contains the only copies of some of Archimedes' most important works.

The X-rays, generated by a particle accelerator, cause tiny amounts of iron left by the original ink to glow without harming the delicate goatskin parchment.

Born in the 3rd century B.C., Archimedes is considered one of ancient Greece's greatest mathematicians, perhaps best known for discovering the principle of buoyancy while taking a bath.

The 174-page manuscript, known as the Archimedes Palimpsest, contains the only copies of treatises on flotation, gravity and mathematics. Scholars believe a scribe copied them onto the goatskin parchment from the original Greek scrolls.

Three centuries later, a monk scrubbed off the Archimedes text and used the parchment to write prayers at a time when the Greek mathematician's work was less appreciated.

What gives you the right

This response submitted by Jessica on 8/5/06 at 1:13 PM. ( horseelady_jessie@yahoo.com )

To try and shove a religion down any ones throat? This is a taxidermy forum where we can talk about taxidermy. Religion is not IMHO a current event. If you want to be religous, more power to you if not, that's your choice. I believe in God and heavan and hell and all that fun stuff but I don't need it preached to me in a forum where I want to learn about TAXIDERMY! I have a bible, I have gone to church, and even went to a luthern school for a short time. I don't have a chosen religion other than believing in God, if I wanted to read scripture all day and listen to bible thumpers, I would, but I don't and I don't come hear to read it. Yes I could skip over those posts but I shouldn't have to, because they have no place here. Yes there is freedom of speech and press and every thing else but why bring it here where it's not wanted? What gives you the right to try and preach to me or any one else when we don't want to hear it? I know you have your own forums and chat rooms to talk about such things, so take them there, and leave them there. If I want to read them I'll go find them. And Cecil, I'm with you, there should be a law against Jehova's witnesses banging on my door all the time. I just ignore them any way. Maybe I'll get me one of them red neck door bells, a button hooked to a dynamite stick!

Here's some more George...

This response submitted by Rich B. on 8/5/06 at 2:13 PM. ( )

"For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart."
Hebrews 4:12

"For whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, of him shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he shall come in his own glory, and in his Father's, and of the holy angels."
Luke 9:26


This response submitted by George on 8/5/06 at 2:33 PM. ( )

How long have you been a taxidermist? I'd bet you don't know half the CURRENT meanings of those words, much less the ones from antiquity. And why are they written in Aramaic or Hebrew? Where'd you get the English translation? And be very careful using that Old Testament. Our Jewish friends only accept that part as their "bible".

spin it Rich

This response submitted by Mr.T on 8/5/06 at 4:25 PM. ( )

take it out of context and spin it. You are {trying} to use the guilt card. If Jusus died to take away our guilt and shame, where does guilt and shame come from after the works of the cross, guys like Rich pushing the guilt back on others, when Jesus died to take it away.

By the way...

This response submitted by Terry on 8/5/06 at 4:30 PM. ( go_tigers90@yahoo.com )

... lest someone see me post less on here over the next week, please do not think I finally got it through my thick head that this is the wrong place for discussing faith. My best friend gets into town in a few hours for a week of fishing, so my time will be otherwise diverted. :-) I never shy away from or back down from something I believe in, whether it's school issues, trapping, my faith... And there's a whole lot of good scripture (1 Cor. 15:58 is a favorite) about standing firm we could discuss. And I take God's command TO stand firm as marching orders also.

Really when I posted at the top I was bugged that some feel that certain posts are OK to discuss as Current Events, but well, matters of faith... take that elsewhere. George is right- there have been some unusual interest groups represented on here at times (animal rights for example) but while I STRONGLY disagree with their position, I recognize they have a right to post- within the Current Events forum anyhow. To read some of the posts above, I can see I am not alone in my interpretation of the guidelines of this specific forum, even from some people who really aren't interested in spiritual posts.

Also I do stand by what I said above as well... I am befuddled that some on here can actually take the time to type about how they DO believe in God, believe in Heaven and Hell, go to church, etc; on one hand and in the next type in their vehemence condemning those who try to post a completely harmless message about Christ's love and salvation. My reaction is kind of like: ? Do you really listen to what they say on Sunday? I can much more respect people who openly say they DON'T believe and then tell me to get my crummy posts off this site. Even if you don't feel compelled to share your faith yourself (and scripture is clear: we all have different gifts), I really don't get how you can derisively ride those that do. I was raised Catholic (mom still is), born again, and have been a member of both Methodist and Baptist churches... Everyplace I have ever attended, the messages I have heard from so many pastors... to claim Christ and cry foul over those who do want to deliver his message (even if it's not something you have been called to do) is incredibly contradictory.

Don't worry Terry

This response submitted by Cecil on 8/5/06 at 4:36 PM. ( )

We know funda mentalists are persistent, stubborn, and irritating. But truthfully you might find you weren't even missed. LOL

I would not expect to be missed Cecil...

This response submitted by Terry on 8/5/06 at 4:49 PM. ( go_tigers90@yahoo.com )

...Just don't want anyone thinking that their message about purging the Current Events forum and restoring it to some sort of perceived purity (absence of religion/faith) had gotten through my head.

Persistent? Absolutely. Stubborn? I have been accused, and by friends no less. Irritating? I guess that depends on where you stand... :-)


This response submitted by jt on 8/5/06 at 5:02 PM. ( )

I have been reading current events for a week or so and this is amazing! I have read in the past people making fun of bush and when chaney shot his freind well that was talked about for weeks
There is always somthing being discussed about current events.. but when current events happen to be a war in the middle east that may very well be biblical scripture playing out.. WATCH OUT ! NO ONE wants to read postings about it why? I guess when your a saved child of God this type of thing is intresting because your not trying to ignor all the signs because your not afraid YOUR READY !

The real problem on here is that some have a religion and some have Christ.. BIG DIFFRENCE This is the case in most of the world unfortionantly... Everyone is looking for somthing to to call there religion so that they feel better about themself but they don't really want the real thing.. come on guys and gals this is not really about this forum... if you don't want to read it then skip it your can stop reading a post ant time you want no one is holding a gun to your head... truth is you all just can't wait for the next post so you can wine about it. if no one responded to these post they would not have reason to post them...but you guys just can't help yourself you have to argue the point...

Oh Dear God give me strength

This response submitted by Cecil on 8/5/06 at 5:34 PM. ( )

another nut job.

You really wouldn't think people that viserate animals for a living would be so religious. ROFLMAO


This response submitted by jt on 8/5/06 at 6:24 PM. ( )

I guess if telling the truth makes me a nut job then so be it...
i have just started taxidermy work all i do currently is fish and cecil i really thought alot of your opinion. as i have read alot of these post. untill this whole religion thing started. I guess as they say true colors were revieled. (calling someone a nut job that you don't even know because they wrote a post about religion?)
and in no way insulted you directly. well thats just not the way a person that is saved "as you clame you are" acts... You know if you were as close to God as you say you are you would rely on him to send you fish to work on when you need them. Because he will take care of his children... He sure has me!
I hope that if nothing else these post at least give you somthing to think about. because I see thru all the rude comments that you make.. Sorry if in anyway my post offended you. that was not my intention...

Mr T.

This response submitted by Rich B. on 8/5/06 at 6:28 PM. ( )

Jesus died for our SINS not our GUILT and SHAME. Those two feelings are good things to have...with the help of the Holy Spirit, they will lead you to repentance.

That whole "out of context thing" it is such a cop out.
Here I'll explain it.
The first quote Hebrews 4:12 is telling George(a Christian) that God's word(the Bible) will PROTECT him and DEFEND him. He can use scripture as a WEAPON against evil.
The second one Luke 9:26 is telling him that if he really has Christ in his heart, he shouldn't be silent about it.
It's really not that hard to interpret.
No "spinning" involved.


This response submitted by Terry on 8/5/06 at 6:38 PM. ( go_tigers90@yahoo.com )

Hiya... and some good points above. I thought it was well stated about there being a big difference between having church and having Christ.

And I am totally with you on God taking care of His own... I have seen it my life and in the lives of those around me.


This response submitted by Mr.T on 8/5/06 at 8:32 PM. ( )

Now Rich, I took it that when you posted Luke 9:26, after the five previous verses of warnings to George, that you are warning George that not having religious postings here would cause Jesus to not recognize George before the Father. Isn't that what you meant? That verse is used today to shame people into making a stand for Christ. Jesus did say that in a pre-cross teaching, but the cross changes many of his pre-cross teachings. The Old Testament or Covenant condemns the best of men, while the New Testament or New Covenant redeems the worst of men. Hebrews 8:7 through 12 and Hebrews 10:16 and17

Christ took away all of my guilt and shame. And yours too. He has proclaimed you and I, not guilty. Any guilt I get today is from the dark side reminding me of how inadequate a Christian I am, or anyone telling me that I am a sinner after the fact that my sins have been dealt with already once and for all. The Holy Spirit tells me of only good things to do, directives, only positive things, such as when and how to bless someone. The Spirit gives me wisdom and direction. The Holy Spirit is not negative, or nagging, or condemning nor does it make me feel guilty. That's not his job or nature. Guilt and shame comes from Satan, or misunderstanding what the work of the cross did in taking away our sins. When Christians mix the old testament teachings in with the new, they have to continually ask for forgiveness out of the guilt of not being a perfect Christian, {the old way of dealing with sins} and think that it is the Holy Spirit prompting them to alter up. That's how it is preached today to get them to the alter, and how most of the religious post here are directed. Do you get a bad feeling when you miss the mark, and remorse sets in, and you feel sorry and you go and ask for more forgiveness for sins that Christ already dealt with? That is not the Holy Spirit nagging you or reminding you that you are not perfect. Your sins have been taken care of long ago. Believe it, or continue to feel guilt and shame for not measuring up when ever you sin. My sins have been paid for, I have been redeemed, I know the cost of the price that was paid for my sins. However, George has summed it up and I make George my advocate about zealous postings here, and in a movie quote in the words of Forest Gump, And that's all I got to say about that.

Why ?

This response submitted by JR on 8/6/06 at 12:49 AM. ( )

Is everyone getting so worked up over this? Seems like alot of time is being wasted giving attention to someone who wanted just that in the first place, Your attention. Now they have it and are arguing with you and whoever will reply to their post, I don't remember hearing anywhere in the bible where God commanded anyone to argue with anyone over their RIGHT to shove it in other peoples faces... Good words to live by INSTEAD OF ASSUMING YOUR OPINION IS RIGHT, DON'T ASSUME YOUR RIGHT TO AN OPINION.

BOO ! Got you to look!

This response submitted by * LMAO on 8/10/06 at 5:28 PM. ( )

Thanks for looking!

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