Cecil !...Reply to what the hecks going on in Mentor.

Submitted by Don Patton on 8/5/06 at 4:43 PM. ( )

I just now saw your post on the Earth quakes that have been occurring in Mentor (lake County), Ohio. I Live right along the Lake Erie in Mentor-on-the-lake and I believe it has to do with a fault line that runs below lake Erie, adjacent to Lake County. They have been small in magnitude, but in the future...who knows ?
I was fishing out in the lake this morning, not far from the Perry Nuclear Power plant. (Good spot for Smallmouth Bass). Hopefully the Tremors will remain small or subside.

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Yeah me too!

This response submitted by Cecil on 8/5/06 at 5:30 PM. ( )

with a nuclear power plant nearby!

Accept Christ

This response submitted by Alex sr on 8/5/06 at 5:35 PM. ( )

Before you sink Cecil

Get some counseling Alex (Sr.)

This response submitted by Cecil on 8/5/06 at 5:35 PM. ( )

before you really get whacky. LOL

Hey Don,

This response submitted by Craig on 8/6/06 at 9:20 AM. ( )

asking Cecil about geological issues is almost like accepting a sermon as gospel from Kim or Alex Sr, LOL. After all, Cecil only knows what he reads. It's not like he has taken and studied seismic recordings in the area.

Ginna Nuclear Plant, located in Sodus, NY, on Lake Ontario, is also a hot spot for smallies. Unfortunately, with the homeland security farce they have decided to keep everyone away from the plant where the fishing is the best. No exceptions. It's not like someone or group couldn't do damage to the plant if they were truly intent on doing it.

Craig...Homeland Security !

This response submitted by Don Patton on 8/6/06 at 5:15 PM. ( )

Its hard to figure out Homeland Security. As I mentioned, in Lake Erie out in front of the Perry Nuclear plant (Lake County Ohio), is a favorite spot for Smallmouth bass fisherman. About 100 yards off shore, the water used to cool the reactors, is discharged. This Oxyginates the water, and attracts fish.
Last year you were not aloud to fish this area within a certain raduis, due to security measures. In fact, I drifted into this zone and was called on my Marine radio, by the US Coast Guard to vacate the area ! This year there is No Security radius enforced. Not sure what has changed ?

Craig the taxinet troll is back.

This response submitted by Cecil on 8/6/06 at 11:13 PM. ( )

And I see you didn't know what you were talking either. Par for the course.

BTW, I don't claim to be an geology expert but I have taken a course in it. And it's also one of my hobbies. Got some neat fossils in the studio including a fossilized fish. But I don't have to be an expert to copy and paste an interesting article about where Don lives.

Here's a cool site for monitoring earthquakes and tremors:


I suppose I would rather be the...

This response submitted by Craig on 8/7/06 at 11:29 AM. ( )

taxinet troll than considered the taxinet jester. There goes those names again, now I've sunk to your level. It's all in jest, Cecil, but you just like to take it over the edge on every post that offends your little pea brain.

I got fossils too, all over my backyard, (got one of a big sponge that's pretty cool) and I took a course in geology back in high school, and I know how to copy and paste, and I live on the Clarendon fault line, but I sure the hell am no expert on the subject. I bet there's Bible scripture in the Book of Revelations that might explain it though.

Don, I heard reports of armed Coast Guard patrolling the waters in our state and they approached you with guns showing and a loud speaker telling you to get back past the perimeter or face the consequences. I bet Chuckie and Hillary's bantering to the Federal Nuclear Commission had something to do with that. They are both big on controlling the people in this state, especially in the name of HS. I haven't heard much recently about the Ginna issue.

All in jest Craig?

This response submitted by Cecil on 8/7/06 at 2:38 PM. ( )


You should try fishing inside the Hammond, Indiana marina on Lake Michigan. As soon as you walk over there with fishing pole in hand they come running with jack boots and all.

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