Trappers-Check This Out.

Submitted by Easton on 8/6/06 at 12:39 PM. ( )

This kinda stuff just p***es me off.

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this one too

This response submitted by Easton on 8/6/06 at 12:46 PM. ( )

these two videos came outta canada/

I saw it

This response submitted by .. on 8/6/06 at 12:47 PM. ( )

If you want to make an anti- anything statement just take a video of it and add your own editing.

i trap but that kind of video made me feel guilty

This response submitted by brian on 8/6/06 at 1:48 PM. ( )

they call us sick o's for trapping. but she is the real sick bitch.why make that video. whos footage was it. who did she blow to get all that footage.i dont know. im just glad i dont have to watch my specimans die,cuz if i had to see them suffer like the ones in the video i wouldnt do it anymore.i bet she eats chheseburgers and wears leather sneakers and all you animal rightd weirdo's guess what you take part in animal cruelty everyday and you dont even realize it. so stop bitching and get a life.

stupid ass liberal bastards

This response submitted by i trap shoot fish any any way possible harvest on 8/6/06 at 2:10 PM. ( game hahahahahaha )


better yet...

This response submitted by Lou on 8/6/06 at 6:22 PM. ( )

Make a video of a cougar, lynx, coyote, or bobcat killing a fawn and then have them talk to you about how humane we are.

BTW, I don't like seeing animals suffer like they do in traps but I know that if we (I trap too) don't keep their numbers in check they will die a much slower painful death than any trap we've set can administer.

The do gooders want to outlaw all guns too...

This response submitted by Craig on 8/7/06 at 12:01 AM. ( )

think it might just be a undereducated mentallity thing?

Can't we all just get along and live and let live, lol? Who cares if the beavers are responsible for flooding millions of dollars in real estate?

If you visited that site, now you know what a true bleeding heart liberal thinks like.

I Trap as well...

This response submitted by Andy on 8/9/06 at 3:22 PM. ( )

and too feel guilty sometimes as to what happens, BUT I still do it. It helps control the population much the same way as hunting does. There is no such thing as a "leg hold trap" the fox or coyote I have trapped were NEVER catch by the LEG, they were caught by the FOOT, hence the correct name is a "FOOT HOLD TRAP". Just the way I see it.


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