new business competition in town

Submitted by Mr.T on 8/7/06 at 3:23 PM. ( )

Has any one purchased a manikin from this company yet? I am wondering about their quality and delivery and turn around times before I try them. They look like a real busy company.

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Mr. T

This response submitted by Greg Waite on 8/7/06 at 4:15 PM. ( )

I don't know about the company, but he does not have any relationship with Chris Barnhardt. He was inquiring about some forms I posted on another site and asked about putting Chris as a staff sculptor. I told him to contact Chris and ask him and Chris told me " NO" Chris is trying to get his own form line started.

Just got off the phone..

This response submitted by Greg Waite on 8/7/06 at 4:31 PM. ( )

with both of them. First off, I talked to Michael and he said that Chris gave him permission to add him to his staff. BOLD FACE LIE. I then called Chris and he is calling Michael about the laws pertaining to Copyright infringement and getting his name off that site. If ANYBODY is so stupid to buy from someone who is trying to do stuff like this, you'll have nobody to blame but yourself. Michael - in future DO NOT CONTACT ME IN REGARDS TO ANYTHING! PERIOD

Mr T

This response submitted by Greg Waite on 8/7/06 at 4:35 PM. ( )

if you are interested in the fox form, they are available through Gene Smith's Supply Co. They are of high quality with the head and one leg front and back removable. There is a red fox, grey fox and coon ready now with a bobcat in the works. Also in the future there will be a coyote.

Thanks Greg

This response submitted by Mr.T on 8/7/06 at 5:39 PM. ( )

I was just helping Michael's second fantasy site get some exposure, I see he is the administrator of the new USA Taxidermist Forum. He must feel like a king with all these businesses he has invented. I find him entertaining, but slightly out of touch with reality. He is starting a museum of mounts, and is taking donations for his show room to place on his web site. I think he is in a fantasy world myself.
He is the same guy that wanted to self appoint himself as the new president of the IGT.

That Milcheal is nuts

This response submitted by cb on 8/7/06 at 6:25 PM. ( )

this guy is a nut case. same one posting grand slam hunts and bear hunts. also repo's of a very small buck. anyone dealing with this guy is in for a surprise

check this link

This response submitted by mike on 8/7/06 at 7:53 PM. ( )
copy and paste the link above.
I have never done this before, but this is an example of michael rasmussens work, asking how he should finish it. You talk about the blind leading the blind. This should be fun to see how all this plays out and the longevity of us taxidermist. I guess anybody can hang out a shingle on taxidermy even for forums and "mannikin" companys.

hey all

This response submitted by Michael on 8/7/06 at 8:10 PM. ( )

I will no longer be on this forum unless stuff like this is taken care of i don't like how you all dive on someone like a pack of wolves to a heard of caribou chris contacted me and i apologized for what i did he said that was fine now lets drop this and quit posting remarks about my forum if you don't want to join leave it alone. us young taxidermist can help each other we have as of now 85 members and growing. so bug off.

the sooner the better

This response submitted by cb on 8/7/06 at 9:22 PM. ( )

leave you idiot. go to your own INDUSTRY SITE. you are a scam! that rack you have is hardly worth mounting let alone making repo's of. and if your repo's look anything like your mounts, then *** help me. you have nothing to offer in the way of hunts, other than wishing you could go on one. what type of drugs are you on?

Michael my problem

This response submitted by Greg Waite on 8/7/06 at 9:32 PM. ( )

is with the fact that you contacted me about getting forms and about Chris. And that put me in the middle! I had nothing against you, until then. I admire the fact that you are trying to do something but don't get there by using underhanded tactics. As far as young taxidermist, I was new to this as was everyone else, but most of us got to where we are by flyin above the radar. I would have helped you with anything you asked, but when you put me in the middle of things... Short of my wife, I will help anyone with anything and give anyone anything I have, just ask. Just a word of advise, treat people like you want to be treated and live life so that you aren't being accused of being underhanded.

Law of nature

This response submitted by mike on 8/7/06 at 10:10 PM. ( )

That's what wolves do, take out the dumb inexperienced of the herd, besides you need a reality check. President of a so called company holding a morrel, in your bib overalls, good grief !

Michael Rassmussen

This response submitted by J Best on 8/7/06 at 11:23 PM. ( )

What a crock of crap this is. I signed onto Michaels site a few weeks ago to check things out, and I had noticed the picture of a buck he had mounted (mangled), where he was asking for advice on what to work on. I didn't reply, as there was no nice way to describe to him about what a mangled POS that he publicily displayed. In his preface he says he's been doing taxidermy for himself since 1999, so either he had some worthless teachers, or he is a slow learner.
In fact, a few of the posts he has made in the other site have led me to believe he's actually quite a creep.
Ken if you read this, I believe Michael may have taken some copyrighted info from this site and transferred it over to his own.
Anyone else who reads this, I would just give my two cents here by may want to stay away from his new site as it appears that he is a loser with hidden agendas.

But wait theres more

This response submitted by * on 8/8/06 at 11:06 AM. ( )

He is also the founder of Rassmussen Industries and the World Habitat Conservation Club International,,,

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