Bear Hunting With cecil

Submitted by Alex Sr on 8/8/06 at 2:26 PM. ( )

The Pope took a couple of days off to visit the mountains of Alaska for some sight-seeing. He was cruising along the campground in the Pope mobile when there was a frantic commotion just at the edge of the woods.

A helpless Democrat, wearing sandals, shorts, a "Save the Whales" hat, and a "Bush Lied - People Died" T-shirt, was screaming while struggling frantically, thrashing around trying to free himself from the grasp of a 10 foot grizzly.

As the Pope watched, horrified, a group of Republican loggers came racing up.

One quickly fired a .44 magnum into the bear's chest. The other two reached up and pulled the bleeding, semiconscious Democrat from the bear's grasp. Then using long clubs, the three loggers finished off the bear and two of them threw it onto the bed of their truck while the other tenderly placed the injured Democrat in the back seat.

As they prepared to leave, the Pope summoned them to come over. "I give you my blessing for your brave actions!" he told them. "I heard there was a bitter hatred between Republican loggers and Democratic Environmental activists but now I've seen with my own eyes that this is not true."

As the Pope drove off, one of the loggers asked his buddies "Who was that guy?" "It was the Pope," another replied. "He's in direct contact with heaven and has access to all wisdom."

"Well," the logger said, "he may have access to all wisdom but he sure doesn't know anything about bear hunting! By the way, is the bait holding up, or do we need to go back to Massachusetts and snatch another one?"

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The Pope was a German Tanker in WW2.

This response submitted by Buck Germany on 8/8/06 at 2:43 PM. ( )

Or did you mean John Paul ? who carried a wounded girl on his back for miles to safety in WW2...By the way I don't think there are any Republican loggers...


This response submitted by BUZZI on 8/8/06 at 3:07 PM. ( )

are very abundant in Washington...Oregon...Idaho and Montana.


This response submitted by mike d on 8/8/06 at 3:50 PM. ( )

Hell, I grew up in a logging family; not a democrat in sight since Kennedy!

and a great gunner he was

This response submitted by Jim Marsico on 8/8/06 at 4:23 PM. ( )

The current pope was drafted in the final weeks of war 2 at age 15 and he deserted shortly after a brief forced basic training and hid at his mothers until wars end. He then turned himself in to the US troops. Not exactly what anyone would call a good Nazi. Good joke though

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